Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

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PrestaShop B2B and Wholesale Module is an all-in-one module infused with robust features for you to effectively handle your volatile B2B consumer segment. With this comprehensive solution expect to gain a fully compatible and logically interconnected solution covering four popular B2B aspects.

Serve B2B and B2C customers from one store.
  • A complete quotation management system
  • Add quote button for all or specific products, categories and customer groups
  • Hide price and add to cart button
  • Allow customers to submit quotations with offered price
  • Adjust pricing and send direct cart link to convert quote into order
  • Redirect after Registration, Login & Logout
  • Add redirect links based on customer groups
  • Tax Exempt specific customers and custom groups
  • Enable tax request form to let customers submit exemption requests
  • Restrict products, categories and pages by customer groups

V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.4


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features

Request a Quote

Using this Prestashop B2B module you can embrace the consequentially significant and intelligent quotation system and replace your current standard checkout and cart system. With the help of the incorporated Request a Quote feature, your customers can formally place price and quantity related quotes for you to accept or counter offer. As soon as you receive a Request, it is smartly added to an easy-to-read list from where you can edit existing quotes, add new ones and translate requests to orders. Basically, you are equipped with an accessible quotation system which maintains a record of all quotes along with their rules and fields that is accessible whenever you need it.

Request a quote features:
  • A complete quotation system to let customers add products to quote and submit them
  • Enable quote button for specific products, categories and customer groups
  • Choose to remove or keep product price(s)
  • Replace add to cart or add a new “Quote” button separately
  • Link Quote Page with your Menu
  • Create a quote form with multi-select, dropdown, text, and upload fields
  • Enable customers to use the price column to send offered prices
  • Maintains a grid view of all submitted quotes along with their details
  • View Quotes, change prices, accept and generate cart link to let customers place order
  • Inform customers via email of:
    • Quote Submission
    • Quote Acceptance
    • Cart Link Generation with new prices

Redirect after Registration, Login & Logout

With this Prestashop B2b wholesale module you can place relevant strategic redirects to reroute user groups to a custom URL, home page or even the page they were on after they logout, login or register. Meaningful and appropriate redirects is a great cost-effective marketing strategy to raise conversions and push a professional B2B shopping experience.

Redirect after login, logout and registration features:
  • Redirect users after registration, login and logout
  • Give each action unrelated redirects
  • Add separate redirect URLs based on customer groups
  • Establish Redirects to
    • Home Page
    • Previous Page
    • My Account (Default)
    • Any Custom URLs

Tax Exempt: Exempt Specific Customers & Groups

Allow your customer to submit tax exemption request forms which you can approve or deny after proper review through an intuitive customizable form. You can make it available to certain customer groups and hide it from other visitors based upon your requirement. Also, use this complete feature to whitelist particular customer groups or customers allowing tax exemption without formal request submission.

Tax Exempt Features:
  • Tax exempt certain customer(s) or customer group(s)
  • Enable tax exemption request via Smart Tax Exemption form in My Account
  • Show personalized message on checkout to notify of tax exemption availability
  • Assign form visibility to specified customer groups
  • Approve/Deny requests

Private Products & Category by Customer Groups

As a B2B merchant you might also caters a variety of consumer types, this feature has been embedded to assist proper segmentation. Private Products & Category enhances catalogue visibility according to certain customer groups. You can now hide products, categories and CMS pages from selective customer groups. Assign relevant redirects or customized error messages to discourage a negative shopping experience.

Private Products & Category Features:
  • Manage products, categories and pages visibility by customer groups
  •  Add multiple rules to adjust catalog visibility for different customer groups
  •  Redirect or show custom error message to restricted customers
  • Personalize error messages with a WYSIWYG editor
  •  Multilingual support and Multi-store functionality
Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

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    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    One of the best B2B modules I have ever used. To be honest I was not expecting to be this good.
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    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Great value for money operating a B2B E-commerce site is stressful enough but this B2B wholesale module makes life a little bit easy.
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    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Thank you Addify for the superb Support !
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    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    I am new to the ecommerce business and have a variety of B2B wholesale modules to choose from. One of my colleagues recommended to me that I should consider addify because of their price and support which have made a loyal customer out of me.
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    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    Prestashop B2B and Wholesale Module

    I had few problems with the compatibility and in the setup and the support team came to the rescue and they made sure that the B2B and wholesale functionality worked properly.