PrestaShop Donations Manager

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PrestaShop Donations Manager is a complete donation management system that helps store owners to create and promote multiple donation campaigns on websites. Set donations as a product or amount and display campaign banners anywhere on the store’s website. Collect donations in a fixed amount or allow users to donate a custom amount.


  • Allow customers to make donations from your website
  • Create multiple donation campaigns for collecting donations
  • Advertise the donation campaign with multiple banner designs
  • Display campaign banner on every page
  • Checkout – Complete Features of Prestashop Donations Manager

V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.4

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  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
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Features of PrestaShop Donations Manager Module

Allow Customer Donations

PrestaShop Donation Manager module allows you to enable customer donations on your store. With this module, you can create various donation campaigns and give your customers the option to add a donation amount to their cart during the checkout process. You can create donation campaigns based on: 

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Customer Groups

Make Multiple Donation Campaigns

This module enables donation campaigns or donation advertisement banners on your website. The functionality allows the option to create multiple donation campaigns and display them on any page of the website.

You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously without having to charge any transaction fee. Additionally, you can collect donations from both national and international customers.

This module allows you to set the expiry date of donation campaigns.

Set Different Modes for Donation Collection

The PrestaShop Donation Manager module has a feature to set donation modes for collecting donations. Owners can offer two modes of donation collection:

  • Fixed
  • Custom

Option to set a fixed amount for donation, or you can activate a custom donation box, in which users can donate as suited.

For custom donation mode, this module has the option to set a minimum amount of donation.

Access Orders Log

The PrestaShop donation manager module has a section where you can see a list of all funded and non-funded campaigns.

Admin and customers both can see records of donations or donated products in the Orders Log.

Enable Product-Based Donations

In the module configuration, you’ll find an option to add donation products to your inventory. With each donation-based campaign, customers will be able to purchase products as donations. 

To enable donation as a product, you can enable product data as virtual and/or downloadable. Set donation amount levels or leave an open field to let customers enter the desired amount. 

Additionally, you can upload a custom product image and set the donation location, cause, goal, and expiry date.

More Features

  • Set the position of the campaign banners on each page as you like
  • Admin and user both can see donated products in the Orders log
  • Multiple options to create donation advertisement banners
  • Display both campaigns at the same time on the same page
  • Multiple donation pricing modes:
    • Fixed
    • Custom
  • Set campaign expiry date
  • Add background images and set their position in the banner as you want
  • Activate the donation campaign button on the advertisement banner
  • Create donation campaigns based on: 
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Customer Groups

Technical Compatibility

  • PrestaShop CompatibilityV1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4
  • Current VersionV 1.0.0
  • Compatibility MultiShopNo
  • Languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

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