prestashop login and shop as customer module

Prestashop Login and Shop as Customer Module

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Prestashop Login and Shop as Customer Module allow the admin to enter into the customer’s account in a single tap without a need for login credentials from the customer. Once entered into the customer account, you can perform any action and detect issues with the customer account and order details page. 

  • Allows entry into customer account using the Admin panel
  • Ability to detect issues and make edits in the “My Account” page
  • Ability to log in as a customer with or without last cart
  • Ability to log in as a customer on the Order Detail or Customer Detail page

V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.0


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Enter Customer Account using the Admin Panel

The process of checkout and placing orders is easy to carry out but there can be instances when a customer is faced with some errors. An admin is left with no option other than entering into the customer’s account. Instead of asking the customer for their login credentials, Prestashop Login and Shop as Customer Module allows admins to enter the name of the person to have easy access into the customer’s account and accompany them during the checkout process, minimizing the appearance of any issues.

Enable Login Button on Customer Detail and Order Detail Page

There is a likely possibility of error appearances on the customer’s end. The module has general settings from where admins can enable the login button on the customer detail and order detail page. You can also have the option to log in as a customer with or without the last cart.

Troubleshoot Issues, Make Edits, and Place Orders

Prestashop Login and Shop as Customer Module is a handy administration tool that allows the admin to log in to a customer’s account without a password. You can detect issues and fix them, make necessary edits to the order details or customer details page, and place orders on behalf of customers. You can also test your website for an insight into the full user experience. 

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