Prestashop Product Shipping Calculator

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Prestashop Shipping Rate Calculator module enables customers to confidently proceed to checkout by displaying a shipping estimate button on the product page. Give customers precise knowledge of the shipping costs according to their location by displaying a popup. Choose to customize the placement and appearance of the estimate button according to your requirements. 


  • Enable the module to effortlessly calculate shipping costs
  • Display the shipping estimate button on the product page
  • Restrict shipping calculator to selected categories
  • Select which customer groups are exempt from shipping estimates
  • Customize the shipping estimate button and placement
  • Checkout – Complete Features of Prestashop Product Shipping Calculator



V1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4

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Features Of Prestashop Product Shipping Calculator

Allow Customers to Calculate Shipping Costs

PrestaShop Shipping Rate Calculator empowers customers to effortlessly estimate shipping expenses with a single click directly from the product page. Choose to allow the shipping estimate button to selected customer groups to give them precise knowledge of the shipping costs.

Tailor Shipping Estimates to Selected Categories

Choose to customize this module to align with your unique product catalog and ensure that the customers can access shipping calculators for specific product categories. Using the PrestaShop Shipping Rate Calculator module, you can take complete control to display a shipping estimate button based on the categories and customer groups.

Allow Geolocation-Based Rate Calculation

PrestaShop Shipping Rate Calculator delivers shipping estimates with unmatched accuracy based on location. Customers can specify country, city, and zip code to get precise shipping cost against their individual addresses. 

As the customers click on the shipping estimate button for the rates, an interactive popup will appear where they can enter the address details to get the precise shipping rates along with tax (if applicable).

Personalize the Shipping Estimate Button

The module offers comprehensive shipping estimate button customizations. Take control of the estimate button’s appearance by entering a custom text for the button and adjusting its:

  • Font Size
  • Text Color
  • Background Color

You can also choose the placement of the button by placing it above or below the Add to Cart button on the product page. This functionality not only enhances user-friendliness but also the aesthetics of your online shopping environment.

More Features

  • Present a user-friendly popup for customers to calculate shipping
  • Option to include cart items in the shipping calculation
  • Display shipping rates from all available carriers
  • Show shipping rates along with tax in a popup 
  • Calculate shipping rates based on location, including:
    • Country
    • City
    • Zip Code
  • Personalize the appearance of the estimate button with:
    • Custom Text
    • Font Size
    • Text Color
    • Background Color
  • Choose to display the estimate button:
    • Above Add to Cart Button
    • Below Add to Cart Button

Technical Compatibility

  • PrestaShop CompatibilityV1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4
  • Current VersionV 1.0.0
  • Compatibility MultiShopYes
  • Languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

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