Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

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Expedite your customer’s journey to place orders promptly with a PrestaShop Quick Buy button displayed on your product’s detail page. The shorter the journey towards purchases, the better impact on your conversion rate.

Using the custom redirect feature, you add buy from link to your product listing on Amazon, eBay or any other marketplace.

  • Display button for particular products
  • Add button for specific customer groups
  • Personalize button title
  • Establish custom quantity added when clicked
  • Replace add-to-cart/create new button
  • Position button before or after add-to-cart
  • Reroute customer to cart, checkout or custom URL
  • Personalize button background and text color and size

V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.4

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    Rated 5.00

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  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates

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Features of Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

Produce and Manage Multiple Buttons

PrestaShop Quick Buy module helps you generate multiple Quick Buy options which you can add to various products bringing about many calls to action. Give your virtual store a touch of creative functionality with Quick Buy module.

Personalize Button Colors and Text

The PrestaShop Quick Buy is prepared to enable you with the following features for button personalization. Use vibrant colors to make it an unavoidable call to action.

You can customize each button with:

  • A custom title
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Background Color
  • Button Hover Color
  • Button Font Size

The font family will remain as per your default font family already applied to the rest of your site to remain in harmony with your overall theme.

Display on Particular Products

Assign products to Quick Buy to make options appear only on selective pages for a targeted marketing approach.

Limit to Particular Customer Groups

Confine Quick Buy button visibility to selected customer groups. You have the freedom to choose applicable user groups to target. The option would then be concealed from the view of other visitors you have.

Custom URL Redirect (Buy from Amazon, eBay etc)

For merchants who have products listed on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, this module is an essential. When displaying products, add Quick Buy beside the add-to-cart and direct potential customers to the exact product page on the marketplace website. Boost your store conversions. The model also allows you to keep or replace the add-to-cart depending on your setup and final interface you want to achieve.


Checkout Simplified

If you use the module to position Quick Buy next to the add-to-cart, or even replace the add-to-cart button entirely, you have just saved your user a considerable amount of time they used to define as wasted. Send them directly checkout, skip the cart. This minor change could guarantee abandonment reduction in addition to increased conversion.

Increase CTA

Well-planned and sensible placing of Quick Buy buttons can act as a great form of Call to Action. Demand your customer’s purchasing power and impulse decision making. With this specific module you can personalise each button to create CTAs for a variety of situations reaping maximum benefit.

Encourage User-Centrism

Using the ‘create and manage multiple rules’ feature, you can generate a variety of combinations that pertain to specific consumer groups and will not affect your other users.

Upselling Assistant

Quick Buy can easily become your assistant to insightful upselling. Keeping in mind its user-centric dynamic, utilize the Quick Buy button to benefit you in marketing and offering products to benefit your business.

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    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Somehow half of my potential customers kept missing the buy now option because of small font and barely readble font color but the prestashop quick buy now button gives you the ability to change font size and color which is why I bought it.
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    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Have been using prestashop quick buy now button since 2 months, so far no complaints and customer service is good as well.
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    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    My customers thought that it was some kind of glitch that when they clicked on buy now it redirected them to amazon, I'm amazon affiliate and prestashop quick buy now button helped me change the link and text of the buy button, great work Addify!
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    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    The fact that you can hide the buy now options for customer groups such as wholesellers and retailers in prestashop quick buy now button makes me think Addify made the module just for me, such specific solution to such specific problem, wow.
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    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Prestashop Quick Buy Now Button

    Love the fact that the customers can now skip add to cart step when buying a single process though prestashop quick buy now button, shorter buying process increases conversion chances.