PrestaShop Request a Quote

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Prestashop Request a Quote module enables your customers to submit a quotation for the products they are interested in along with the quantity and offered price details. The admin can reject or accept the quote, adjust the product prices and send cart link to customer for payment. You can also choose to hide or keep the product prices and add to cart button visible along with the quote button. Enable quote system for all or specific customer groups.

  • Make different quote rules for different customer groups, products and categories
  • Show/Hide product prices
  • Replace Add-to-Cart with Quote button or keep both
  • Place Quote link in Menu
  • Separate cart like quote page with quote submission form
  • Customize quote form fields (text, dropdown, multi-select, and file upload)
  • Allow customer to offer own price with an Offered Price Column
  • List quotes in grid view at backend
  • View, edit, accept and generate quote basket link
  • Email notifications for customers
  • Provide direct link to cart products at new price

V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.4

$69$59 Now
then billed annually at $20 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Detailed Features of Prestashop Quote Module

Easy Backend Management

Once a quote has been submitted, Admin can deal with the submitted request in a
series of uncomplicated steps including; viewing the quote, changing the offered price
and finally sending the cart link to customers for making payment.

Email Notifications

As soon as a step is completed, the module will smartly notify your customer in the
following scenarios.

  • When a quote has been submitted (Admin & Customer)
  • When a quote has been accepted (Customer)
  • When a cart link is created (Customer)

Hide Price & Add to Cart Button

Prestashop request a quote module allows you to keep or remove the prices, add to cart button and replace them with a quote button. You can create multiple rules to hide prices, add to cart button and enable quote button for different customer groups, products and categories.

Offered Price Column

Your customers will feel entitled by the incorporation of this unique feature. The Offered Price feature facilitates a buyer-seller interaction for personalized orders by allowing the customer to offer their own price for a product of their choice. Aim to increase their retention and foster loyalty with excellent buyer-seller communication.

Direct Cart Link

Once the quote is approved and the prices are negotiated the store admin can generate and send cart link to the customer. Clicking on the cart link will automatically load the products along with their quantity and offered prices to let customers make the payment.

Customize Quote Form Fields

This Prestashop Quote module comes with pre-defined fields that you can enable and the customer as per your requirements. The field type includes text, file upload, dropdown, and multi-select along with the standard field for the email address.

Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

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    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    With the help of prestashop request a quote I can limit the quantity on add to cart and when the quantity exceeds xx amount it automatically requests for a quote, great feature.
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    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    As like my other 2 purchases from Addify prestashop request a quote works great as well. Addify's quality of work and customer service made me their loyal customer.
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    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    The most amazing thing about prestashop request a quote is that when create a quote its not only shown in customer's cart but a link of cart is sent to the customer as well.
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    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    With prestashop request a quote my customers can now submit the request a quote form giving me much more specific information when making the quote.
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    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    PrestaShop Request a Quote

    My store has been using prestashop request a quote since 2 weeks, everything works great and haven't experieced any issues yet, 10/10 would recommend