prestashop role based tax

PrestaShop Role Based Tax

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Elevate your online shopping experience with the PrestaShop Role-Based Tax Module. This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly create customized tax rates and apply them to specific user roles. Manage taxes using a comprehensive log to keep track of all changes, ensuring accuracy and transparency.  


  • Create multiple tax rules tailored to different user roles
  • Apply tax rules universally or selectively to specific countries
  • View, edit, and manage taxes conveniently through a log
  • Choose how to calculate the taxes, i.e., based on the customer billing address/invoice address
  • Enable Ecotax functionality to promote and encourage eco-friendly shopping
  • Checkout – Complete Features of Prestashop Role Based Tax

V1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4

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Features Of PrestaShop Role Based Tax

Creating Unlimited Rules For Role-Based Tax

This module allows you to create and add multiple role based tax rules to your online shop. Precisely assign tax rates based on individual customer groups to ensure that each group of users is treated fairly and accurately according to their specific roles.

However, to perfectly streamline the tax rule creation process, first implement region-based restrictions. Next, carefully choose the appropriate tax behavior. Finally, optimize the management of group access to ensure efficient control. 

Managing Tax Rules in A Log

PrestaShop Role Based Tax is an efficient tax management solution that offers a streamlined approach to handling taxes within your e-commerce platform. Effortlessly manage all your existing tax rules using a detailed log that shows important information like rule ID, name, and status. The activation status of each rule can be easily modified with a simple click, enhancing the overall control and management of your tax regulations.

Enabling Eco Tax Feature

Support environmentally responsible shopping by activating eco-tax as needed. You can choose to apply this tax globally or target specific customer roles, aligning with your eco-friendly initiatives and adapting to changing eco-tax regulations seamlessly.

Choosing How Taxes are Calculated

Addify Role Based Tax module allows you to calculate tax in two ways:

  • Calculate tax based on delivery address
  • Calculate tax based on invoice address

This flexibility ensures accurate and customizable tax calculations for your business needs.

Technical Compatibility

  • PrestaShop CompatibilityV1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4
  • Current VersionV 1.0.0
  • Compatibility MultiShopYes
  • Languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

More Features

  • Create unlimited tax rules for different user roles seamlessly
  • Apply tax rules to all or specific countries.
  • Personalize tax rule descriptions
  • Easily search for taxes using options like:
    • ID 
    • Name
    • Tax Rate
  • Assign unique titles to the rules for future reference 
  • Choose from three tax rule behaviors: 
    • This tax only
    • Combine
    • One after another
  • Enable tax rule implementation on:
    • Visitor 
    • Guest
    • Customer
  • Access a log containing all tax details 
  • Access a log containing all tax rule details
  • Multiple language options when naming new taxes
  • Display tax as a separate item in the cart
  • Option to enable the ecotax
  • Choose to calculate the tax rate based on:
    • Customer invoice address
    • Customer delivery address

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