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Prestashop Smart Refunds

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Prestashop Smart Refunds allows buyers to request a refund if the product is not to their liking or if they encounter any issues. The module enables the option to manually or automatically review refund requests through the product refund log. Establish a seamless notification system that keeps customers informed about the status of their refund requests, including approval, denial, and refund processing updates.


  • Get a fully-featured refund management system 
  • Create unlimited product refund rules
  • Approve/Disapprove refund requests automatically 
  • Display the “Return” button on ordered products
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V1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4

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Features of Prestashop Smart Refunds Module

Create Customizable Refund Deadlines

The Smart Refunds module allows you to customize refund deadlines by defining a maximum duration or time frame for customers to apply for a refund. This feature enables you to set specific time limits or days for customers to submit their refund requests.

By customizing refund deadlines, you can establish clear customer guidelines, ensuring that refund requests are submitted within the specified timeframe. This helps streamline the refund process and ensures that requests are handled promptly.

It’s important to communicate the refund deadlines clearly to your customers through various channels, such as your website, order confirmation emails, or a dedicated refund policy page. This transparency helps customers understand their rights and responsibilities regarding refunds and contributes to a positive customer experience.

Personalize Product Refund Button and Form

The Smart Refunds module provides store owners with the ability to display a ‘Return’ button with ordered products. You can display refund buttons based on customer groups, products, and categories. 

The module also allows a customizable refund form allowing customers to input their address details, specifically the pickup point for the refunded product(s). This address field is distinct from the delivery address used for the original product shipment. Customers can provide a different address where they prefer to have the product picked up for the refund process.

In addition to the address field, the customizable refund form allows customers to provide reasons for their refund requests to articulate dissatisfaction or specific issues they encountered with the product.

Allow Custom Refund Notifications and Emails

With the Smart Refunds module, store owners have the ability to customize refund notification messages when a customer applies for a refund. This feature allows you to tailor the content and tone of the notification to align with your brand and provide clear information to the customer regarding their refund request.

Furthermore, the module automates the process of notifying customers about any order status changes initiated by the admin.

Manage Refund Requests Easily

The Prestashop Smart Refunds module provides a user-friendly “Manage Refund Request” section in which the store owner can see all the refund requests sent by the customers. The module offers the option to configure automatic refund request approval, eliminating the need for manual intervention by the admin. 

Owners can approve and disapprove order refund requests from this section manually.

Manage Refund Requests for Customers

Prestashop Smart Refund Module creates “Refund History” and “Refund Manager” tabs on the “My Account” page from where customers can easily manage order refund requests. Customers can manage their return order log and track the status of their refund requests made by the store owner.

Technical Compatibility

  • PrestaShop CompatibilityV1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4
  • Current VersionV 1.0.0
  • Compatibility MultiShopNo
  • Languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

More Features

  • Allow customers to claim refunds
  • Show refund request log to admin
  • Display custom text on the notification popup
  • Add the return address of the stores 
  • Approve/disapprove refund requests manually 
  • Set a duration in which a buyer can request for refund
  • Add refund reasons, which include: 
    • Wrong product 
    • Wrong Color
    • Wrong Size
    • Damage Product 
  • Display product refund history on the user’s ‘My Account’ page
  • Select refund shipping charges
  • Customize refund email 
  • Notify customers of refund status
  • Choose the same or different return address
  • Set custom refund rules based on: 
    • Customer Groups 
    • Categories Selection
    • Products Selection
    • Minimum Order Amount
    • Order Status

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