Prestashop Products by Attributes & Combinations

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The Prestashop Split Products by Attributes and Combinations Module is an excellent module for new and established online retailers. It enables an eCommerce enterprise to display specific product variations and combinations as individual products in the product catalog. This increases product volume and visibility, giving a subsequent rise to sales and conversions.

The main features of the Prestashop Products by Attributes and Combinations Module include:

  • Convert specific product attributes into individual products
  • Convert product category combinations as Individual products
  • Display specific attributes and combinations as products to specific customer groups
  • Display Custom Attribute Label with Product Name with custom separator
  • Display products on Best Seller, New Product, Sale, Search, or Manufacturer Pages. 

V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.0


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features

Display Specific Attributes as Products

Select product attributes such as color, size, and dimensions, etc. to display them as individual products on the listings page. This enables new startups to increase their total product volume and for established retailers to increase product visibility amongst a multitude of merchandise. This helps improve the user experience and thus increases sales and conversions.

For example, if you have product in different colors and sizes, you can choose to display products by color or size only.

Select Categories to Included in Product Combinations

Select product categories to be included in the automated product combinations to facilitate user navigation and increase product visibility. The combinations can be made based on the selected product attributes such as color, size, dimensions, theme, etc. Grouping products of specific color or theme can greatly impact conversions, prompt impulsive buying, and increase sales.

Custom Features for Displaying Product

These attribute and combination products can be displayed on any one or more of the following pages:

  • Best Seller Page 
  • New Product Page
  • Sale/ Discounted Rate
  • Search Page
  • Manufacturer/Retailer  Pages

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