PrestaShop Stock Alert

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The PrestaShop Stock Alert module enables store owners to activate a subscription button for products currently out of stock. This module effectively allows customers to subscribe to out-of-stock products and receive timely updates when the products become available again. Subscribers can view these notifications in the “Your Account” section. 


  • Add a “Subscribe” button on out-of-stock products
  • Display subscribed product data and status in the “Your Account” section
  • Allow customers to enable/disable email notifications from the “Your Account” section
  • Display custom notifications upon subscription
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V1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4

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Features of Prestashop Stock Alert Module

Show Subscribe Button for Out-of-stock Products

The PrestaShop Stock Alert module offers the functionality to add a “Subscribe” button to out-of-stock products. By enabling this feature, customers can choose to subscribe to products that are currently unavailable. 

When a customer subscribes to an out-of-stock product, they will receive notifications via email and within their personal “Your Account” section once the product is restocked. This module ensures that subscribers are promptly informed about the availability of previously out-of-stock items.

Customizable Subscription Button and Subscription Form

The Stock Alert module in PrestaShop provides flexible customization options for the subscription button and form on the product page. You have the ability to customize the following aspects of the button and form:

  • Subscription Button’s color
  • Subscription Button’s font color
  • Add Custom Title text of subscription form
  • Subscription form Title text color

Send Automated Emails Upon Subscription

The Stock Alert module in PrestaShop allows you to send email notifications to customers automatically. These email notifications are triggered when a customer subscribes to a new product or when an out-of-stock product is restocked. By utilizing this module, you can ensure that customers receive timely updates about their subscribed products, keeping them informed and engaged with your online store.

Show Back-in-stock Products on “Your Account” Page

The module has the option to show subscribed products in “Your Account” for customers. Once the option is enabled, a separate section will be created in “Your Account” where customers can see the status of subscribed products. 

Customers can also enable or disable automatic notifications when the product is back-in-stock again.

More Features

  • Enable/disable stock alert
  • Allow customers to activate email alerts
  • Allow customers to deactivate email notifications
  • Customize the subscription button and form on the product page:
    • Button’s color
    • Button’s font color
    • Title text
    • Title text color
  • Manage subscribed customers from the “Addify Stock Alert” section
  • Allow customers to add new stock alerts or take action to enable/disable the alert
  • Enable admins to view stock alert log
  • Allow admins to change the status of stock alerts from the log
  • Show back-in-stock products on the “Your Account” page
  • Send email notifications on:
    • Product subscription
    • Product restoring

Technical Compatibility

  • PrestaShop CompatibilityV1.7.0.0 - V8.0.4
  • Current VersionV 1.0.0
  • Compatibility MultiShopNo
  • Languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

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