Price Calculator for WooCommerce

Price Calculator for WooCommerce

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Price Calculator for WooCommerce is a useful plugin for creating measurement-based pricing calculators for products on the shop page. It allows customers to easily insert specific dimensions into the calculator and instantly know the pricing based on size ranges. This plugin supports multiple measurement units and customizations. 

Key Features

  • Sell products by length, area, box, weight, and volume
  • Add measurement-based price calculator for product pricing or global pricing 
  • Supports multiple pricing units
  • Allows different input and output measurement units
  • Supports products with variations 
  • Limit measurement by
    • Minimum or maximum
    • Comma-separated custom measurements (dropdown list)
    • Each input field and total measurement size
  • Manage stock
  • Allows pricing table suitable for bulk purchasing
  • Create pricing table with different prices based on size ranges
  • Supports customization of table positions and labels
  • Display a measurement units dropdown for customers to choose input units
  • Limit purchase amounts in terms of minimum and maximum

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Price Calculator

Personalize Product Level Pricing

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator enables store owners to configure personalized prices and measurement sizes for each product. The following fields can be customized for each product:

  • Regular and sale prices
  • Price text
  • Measurement type
  • Price unit
  • Input field (add specific values to a drop-down list, or keep the minimum and maximum numbers open)
  • Input measurement unit (same as the price unit or select a different unit)
  • Add a minimum or maximum limit or comma-separated values to the input field
  • Enable the pricing table to set different prices for different units based on ranges

Global Rule Level Pricing for Multiple Products & Categories

WooCommerce price calculator enables a feature through which multiple products and categories can be priced using measurement-based pricing rules that can be applied globally. Bulk configuration of measurement type, units, and price saves time over per product page configuration. The minimum and maximum purchase amounts can also be set.

Rule Level Configurations for Global Pricing

For bulk products and categories, woocommerce measurement price calculator plugin supports rule level configurations for price, input or output unit, and measurement size. This includes:

For Price

  • Add per-unit price in the rule and price table 
  • Use the standard price as a per-unit price
  • Use product-level measurement pricing

For Input and Output Unit

Based on product requirements, set different input and output units with a single measurement option of a dropdown list with multiple units. 

For Limiting Measurement Sizes

Set limitations for measurement sizes based on minimum and maximum range limits or a dropdown menu. 

Pricing Table Suitable for Bulk Purchases

The ability to establish multiple prices for large transactions is a time-saver. WooCommerce Cost Calculator enables the price table to set prices based on measurements. The labels and positions of the tables on product pages can be customized.

Supports Product Variations & Stock Management

Variable product support allows store owners to set different prices for each variation with a customizable price table. Additionally, WooCommerce Weight based Pricing allows management of product stock with a default stock field. After configurations, this default field can be changed to a desired measurement type. 

Use Cases

  • Price by length for selling rope, wires, and more – Demo
  • Price by area for selling blinds, carpets, and more – Demo
  • Price by the box for selling tiles, wood, and more – Demo
  • Price by weight for selling oil, meat, and more – Demo
  • Price by volume for selling mulch, water tanks, and more – Demo
  • Price by weight for a variable product – Demo

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