Shopify Country Restriction

Shopify Country Restriction

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The Shopify Country Restriction App enables you to manage the display of products in different countries. You have the flexibility to choose the selection type based on the store’s need with multiple customized features like restricting price, concealing add to cart, integrating URLs, & replacing price with text, etc. Creating various rules for distinct countries, products & categories helps to boost your store presentation among customers.

Key Features

  • Set rules for Shopify product availability by country
  • Specify restrictions per product, country, and category  
  • Conceal price, add to buttons or products
  • Personalize the appearance of hidden product
  • Substitute price & add to cart with custom text or button

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Features of Shopify Country Restriction

Set Rule Title, Data, Status & Priority

The title of the rule and its priority can be set using Shopify country restriction, along with specifying the start and end date of the rule in the setting. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create and manage the status of the rule with customized options; once you have created the rule, indicate the status as active or draft.

Specify Rule Selection Type

The Shopify Country Restrictions extension enables you to customize the selection type for the rules created in the setting. Below are the two types mentioned:

  • Country Selection Type
  • Product Selection Type

Country & Product Selection Type

In the country selection type, Shopify restricts products by country and it also allows you to select all or include/exclude specific countries according to your preference. Shopify Country Restriction enables you to choose a product selection type of the rule from the options below;

  • All Products
  • Including Specific Selected Products
  • Exclude Specific Unselected products

Opting to include/exclude specific products will make you select products and product collections individually. You can only choose 50 items per rule

Configure Restriction Settings

The country restriction offers you some options to restrict shopify different products for different countries.

Following are some options you can manage to restrict products and categories: 

  • Choose a specific country
  • Select to conceal price & add to cart button
  • Add a custom message in replacement of the price
  • Replace add to cart with a personalized message

You can also integrate a URL or the error message action for selected restricted products.

Personalize Listing Page Settings

Control the product visibility on your store listing page simply by choosing the action you prefer, such as: 

  • Keep Visible
  • Remove products
  • Blur product block
  • Replace the product image with a custom image

The extension permits you to replace the price with a custom text. Add to the cart can also be replaced with a custom text or button for select products while creating the rule for shopify product availability by country & shopify hide products by country.

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