Shopify Custom Price Text

Shopify Custom Price Text

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The Shopify Custom Price text enables you to set rules & display before or after the price. Offers you to display text on products, listings, or the entire shop, along with customized text on specific pages, categories, or custom tags. Specify text, background, font, size, color, text background color & more to increase sales by gaining customer satisfaction. These various customized features provide customers with clear readability and boost the store presentation for guests and registered users.

Key Features

  • Set rules for before and after price text
  • Showcase text on product, listing, or entire shop
  • Integrate text for specific products, categories & tags
  • Specify text, color, size & background
  • Create & add customized text background color

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Features of Shopify Custom Price Text

Configure Rule Title, Implementation, Priority, & Status

Set rule title and priority and mark the status as active or draft with the Shopify Custom Price Text extension. You are allowed to implement the rule on certain product pages, the whole shop, or product listing pages. Once the rule is created, you can opt for the option of your choice. 

Manage Pricing text with Shopify Extension

Shopify Custom Price Text Extension provides you the facility to integrate the text you want to showcase. It helps you to customize the price position before and after the text, along with the font size. Selecting text color, background color & text background color totally depends on the choice and preference of your business. 

The extension offers multiple customized features helping you modify shopify text before or after price for clear readability and enhanced customer shopping experience with clear pricing of products.  

Customize Product Display Rules for Customers

Using the extension, you can easily customize the product display rule for customers. It gives you the facility to create custom price rules for all or specific products. Opting for specific products provides you with multiple page options to display your custom price while showcasing the text to registered or guest users with custom-specific tags for customers. 

Additionally, you can effortlessly organize the store products by using specific tags. These customized features provide you with an enhanced store look and customer attraction to come and shop again, helping increase sales in the store.

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