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With Shopify, a One-Click Clear Cart boosts your store’s appearance efficiently. Choose & showcase the clear cart button for all or selected customers. The extension allows you to customize the clear cart text, color, background color, alignment, popup box, and the limit of products in the clear cart. Easily manage to display a clear cart with a button or link & set a custom clear cart time, which helps enhance user experience & ensures smoother visibility for all customers. 

Key Features

  • Display a clear cart button for all or specific customers
  • Specify the product limit after that clear cart button appears
  • Showcase clear cart as a button/link & personalize its label/color
  • Set a specific time in minutes to automatically clear the cart 
  • Redirect customers to the shopping cart after clearing the cart

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Features of Shopify One Click Clear Cart

Manage Appearance With App Settings

Manage The Shopify One-Click Clear Cart allows you to choose and showcase a clear cart button for all or specific customers, you can effortlessly opt the tags for customers you want to apply the button action. 

Set limitations for the products & customize the display of a clear cart with a button or link as per your choice. It provides you the facility to adjust the background color, label, text color, and alignment based on your store requirements.

Personalize Clear Cart Button Popup

Once the limit of the product is specified, the customers will be able to view a clear cart button popup on the store page. With Shopify One-Click Clear Cart, you can easily customize the popup box text, button color, and text color efficiently. 

Additionally, it allows you to redirect with a URL once the cart is cleared for easy navigation throughout the shopping process. Setting a redirect URL helps you to direct all customers to the shopping cart page making sure about the enhanced experience.

Simplify Cart Management With Time

With the One-Click Clear Cart extension, easily manage the time of clearing a cart by setting a custom time. Once you have set the duration to minutes, the cart will be cleared automatically; this feature helps you run the store without any hassle, making sure of a smoother user experience for all customers.

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