Shopify Order Tags

Shopify Order Tags

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Allows you to auto-assign order tags to each customer order, helping with efficient management and tracking. Create multiple order tags and set conditions based on user tags, products purchased, order amount, order quantity, etc. Save time, improve operational efficiency, and drive more revenue with the Shopify Order Tags. 

Key Features

  • Create and assign order tags automatically
  • Add multiple automation rules to control order tags
  • Choose user tags and order status for each rule 
  • Select all or enter specific products for rule application 
  • Choose the order quantity and amount for which the rule will apply

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Features of Shopify Order Tags

Optimize Order Management with Custom Order Tags

The Shopify Order Tags lets you create and assign tags to orders for better categorization and management. Create multiple rules to tag orders automatically, making it easier to prioritize and track.

The automatic rule-based tagging, reduces manual intervention, minimizing human error and ultimately improving operational efficiency. Tagging also helps you better segment your audience and create powerful marketing campaigns. 

Additionally, the Order Tags plugin offers a high degree of customization and flexibility to suit your unique business requirements.

Generate Unlimited Order Tags Within Minutes

With the Shopify Order Tags, you can create multiple tags with ease, allowing you to group orders and keep them well organized. By creating custom tags, you can cater to a diverse range of customers and segment each type of order efficiently.

Auto Assign Tags through Custom Rules

You can create multiple rules to control which order tags are assigned to which orders. The rule-based tagging automates the process, saving you time. To create a rule, simply enter a rule tile, set the priority, and choose from the following settings:

  • Choose user tags and products: All or Specific 
  • Select the order quantity and amount: Min & Max value
  • Choose the financial and fulfillment statuses: Paid, Void, etc
  • Select order tags to assign the order to 

Note that each order can be assigned more than one tag. Further, you can view the complete rules and orders in a comprehensive log. The log enables you to track each order tagged by the plugin and manage rules in one place 

Complete Features List

  • Create multiple order tags & rules 
  • Add rule title and set priority
  • For each rule, choose user tags:
    • All User Tags
    • Specific Users Tags
  • For each rule, choose products
    • All Products
    • Specific Products
  • Select order tags to apply the rule to
  • Choose the order quantity & amount and enter:
    • Min value
    • Max value
  • Choose the order statuses:
    • Financial Status: All, Paid, etc.
    • Fulfillment Status: All, Fulfilled, etc. 
  • View order tagging rules and orders in a log

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