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Allows you to create an exclusive members-only site that can be accessed by desired customers only. The Shopify Private Store app lets you privatize your whole e-store or certain sections. You can choose products/collections and pages to restrict access and only allow approved users to access those sections. This allows customers who are genuinely interested in your products to access your store and benefit from premium features.

Key Features

  • Privatize your whole store or specific sections
  • Choose products, collections, or pages to privatize
  • Grant site access based on registration approval
  • Approve new customers automatically or manually
  • Customize email notifications for both customers & admins

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Features of Shopify Private Store

Allow Customers to Register to Access Your Store

With the Shopify Private Store, you can make your store an exclusive hub for special members. Allow desired customers to access the store while restricting access to unwanted users. To offer limited access, you can utilize the following options: 

  • Choose default or add a custom form for registration
  • Add title for custom form
  • Choose custom-form background video or image
  • Select background opacity and upload a logo

Privatize the Whole Store or Certain Sections

Adjust the privacy settings of your entire store or privatize specific website sections according to your preferences. Customize which sections you wish to restrict by selecting products, collections, and pages. Additionally, you have the flexibility to determine where customers are redirected after login: whether it’s the default page, their previous location, the home page, or a custom URL of your choice

Approve New Customers Manually or Automatically

Once a customer registers on your store, you can either automatically or manually approve requests. To cater to your special customers, you can exclude them from manual approval so they are approved automatically. On the registration page, you can add custom field labels and display the customer tag dropdown for users to choose from.

Additionally, you can add custom messages once a user account is created, pending, or disapproved. Note that if you dont want customers to register on your store, you can choose to disable registration requests.

Adjust Email Settings for Admins and Customers

To keep store admin and customers notified regarding registration approvals, you can adjust the email settings. Choose to send pending customer notifications to the admin and add an email address, subject, and email text of your choice. 

Along with store admins, you can also inform customers about their pending, approved, or disapproved orders through custom emails. This allows for streamlined customer management and reflects a professional image of your brand.

View Complete List of Customer Approval Statuses

Through the customer list, you can access a comprehensive registration record, including customer names, email, and registration statuses. You can find out which customers have been approved and which have been denied. The data gives you a clear understanding of which customer groups are interested in your business, promoting efficient decision-making.

Complete Features List

  • Privatize whole site or desired sections
  • Allow customers to register to access private store
  • Add custom form title & choose background as:
    • Video 
    • Image
  • Select background opacity 
  • Upload a logo image on the registration form
  • Privatize specific website sections and choose:
    • Products
    • Collections 
    • Pages
  • Choose the redirection page after login:
    • Default page
    • Previous page
    • Home page
    • Custom URL
  • Approve new customers manually or automatically
  • Inform admins and customers about pending user registrations
  • Notify customers about approved or disapproved registration requests
  • Customize email text and subjects
  • View list of approved, disapproved & pending customer requests
  • Use default or custom registration forms

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