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The Shopify Quick Buy Now Button allows you to create and manage various buying options for products & customer groups. You have the facility to replace the add-to-cart button and redirect URLs according to the store’s demand and preferences. Using this extension, you can speed up your buying process as it helps you to redirect your customer to the checkout page smoothly & customize buttons, popup, sizes, layouts, text, etc. The features of the quick buy button on Shopify help you to increase sales and boost the customer shopping experience. 

Key Features 

  • Incorporate a buy now button for any page
  • Select redirect to cart, checkout, external link & display popup  actions
  • Showcase products and customer tags based on button
  • Replace or quickly integrate add-to-cart buttons easily
  • Personalize button, text, size, color, popup & more

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Features of Shopify Quick Buy Now Button

Configure Rule Selection Type - Rule (1/3)

Quick buy button Shopify permits to specify the title of the rule and set its priority. Additionally, you can easily manage the rule status; once you customize the rule, choose to mark the status as active or draft.

The Shopify buy it now button extension provides two various selection types with customization options. One is user selection, another is product selection type. In the user selection type, you can choose all users or specific users according to your needs. Opting for specific users will allow you to choose tags for products and categories.

Configuring the selection type helps you to choose a product selection type for the rule, too. Clicking on specific products will make you choose products and product collections individually. 

Customize Quick Buy Button - Rule (2/3)

The Quick Buy Now Button extension provides you with various customization options to set rules for your store smoothly. It gives you the facility to create & set special buttons required. You can integrate custom text, display icons with or without text, choose a button action, restrict the cart button for products and categories, & customize the Quick Buy Now Button looks by enabling some options like size, color, and font for the store.

Setting up special button actions for the Shopify buy it now button includes:

  • Redirect to Cart
  • Show Popup
  • Redirect to checkout
  • Add a custom URL

Inserting a custom button link helps you to redirect customers to the desired webpage.

Personalize Quick Buy Now Appearance - Rule (3/3)

The Quick Buy Now Button for Shopify permits you to enable the customization features by clicking the checkbox. You have the flexibility to manage various style settings for the customization options. Set the text color and font of the text according to your preference; you can easily choose the specific background color that matches the store and looks impactful to your business branding. 

These personalized features help you to build a friendly environment among the customers and give an enhancing view of the business.

Set Popup Options

To streamline purchases, the Shopify buy now button allows you to enable quick by new button application. You can easily set the alignment of the popup location to center, left, and right for a clear visualization of customers. Customizing options for Quick Buy Now include choosing the specific background color and setting the title for the popup; along with this, it provides title font size adjustment options for easy comprehension.

Customize Checkout Button

You can specify the button text of your choice for the customers going to their purchase checkout page after shopping. The Quick Buy Now button for Shopify provides a customization option for the checkout page, which includes the selection of text color and background color for the button. You can also adjust the font size of the text for a clear readability of customers, and this will help in user engagement. 

Modify The Continue Shopping Button

If a customer heads to the checkout page by mistake, the extension provides the option to easily return to the products page with a continue shopping text popup on the store. Different personalized options for the continue shopping popup button include its text color and background of the color. 

Additionally, you can integrate the redirect URL instead of using the popup button option for returning to the product page. You have the facility to easily customize the font size of the popup button to continue shopping text so that the customers can have clear readability.

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