Shopify Tax Exempt

Shopify Tax Exempt

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Simplify tax exemption management by notifying the admin & customers via email. Shopify Tax Exemption Extension offers customized features, smoother communication, & tax-exempt status updates. You can customize field text, color, & VAT exemption settings to boost the readability of the store, providing an effortless shopping experience for customers with trust & satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Offers to personalize VAT forms
  • Automatically approve customer-based tax-exempt
  • Tag specific customers to submit tax form
  • Notify tax-exempt status to customer & admin

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Features of Shopify Tax Exempt

Manage Tax Exempt Setting

The Shopify Tax Exempt Extension allows you to enable the app and integrate an email address of the admin to keep them updated about the tax exemption request performed by the customers. Informing about the customer’s request helps to enhance the store, increasing customer satisfaction and building trust in the market.

Display Tax Exempt Status

The Shopify tax exempt extension offers to set the status of tax for customers in the store. It provides the flexibility of not paying the tax due to certain conditions. 

Below are the tax-exempt status options for the customers you can set:

  • Approved
  • Pending for Approval
  • Disapproved
  • Expired

Providing status updates can increase the credibility of your store, helping the customer to save money and stay informed about the tax-exempt status. 

Notify Customer & Admin Tax Exemption

With Shopify Tax Exempt Extension, enable the notification for both the customers and the admin. It offers you the facility to showcase customer notifications on the cart page, helping to notify the customers about the status of their tax exemption. You can effortlessly redirect to any page you desire by converting the word into a link.

Furthermore, the extension permits you to demonstrate admin notification on the order page once the customers qualify for tax exemptions. Boost your store while providing clarity to customers and create a smooth communication process, making navigation easy for both admin and customers.

Customize Text Field and Textarea Settings

Activate the tax exemption form with Shopify Tax Exempt Extension if it allows you to enable the text field, text area, and input field. You can upload the file in pdf, jpg, png, & docx. The customized field in the store helps in gathering the information, and enabling the text area to provide additional information. Using this extension, personalize the label and set if they are required for each field type.

Setup Customer-Based VAT Exemption

Activate the tax exemption value-added tax based on customers. You can efficiently input the VAT number in the field label & placeholder while customizing the verify text button color and background color. The Shopify Tax Exemption allows you to add custom alerts for valid/invalid VAT numbers & set the alignment for messages to the left, right, or center.

Specify Customer Tax Exemption Criteria

The Shopify Tax Exempt Extension allows you to select all or specific customer tags that are automatically entitled to tax exemption without any request based on certain qualifications. 

Furthermore, for tax exemption, you have the flexibility to choose all or specific user tags for the customers allowed to apply or the approved customers after submitting the request.

Streamline Customer & Admin Notifications

The Shopify Tax Exempt Extension allows you to create and manage the tax exempt email notification for customers and admin. You have the flexibility to showcase approved, disapproved, pending, or expired notification of the request with a customized message of your choice. Additionally, the admin will be able to receive an email notification of the valid request in pending status.

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