Shopify Variations Table List

Shopify Variations Table List

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The Shopify Variation Table List allows you to display product variations in a table format, making it easy for customers to evaluate options. The bulk add-to-cart button helps you manage products with one click smoothly while configuring the appearance of the table with options like color, image, text, alignment, & more. Using this extension, save, copy, & print the table, which helps you & your customers. Simply your store browsing and purchase process with various variation table list customization options.

Key Features 

  • Allows you to showcase product variation in a table
  • Permit to add items in bulk and manage them in the cart
  • Enable you to personalize the table columns and order
  • Integrate save, export, copy, and print buttons
  • Modify the table’s overall appearance & details




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Features of Shopify Variations Table List

Enable Variation Table & Bulk Add-To-Cart Buttons

You have the option to enable the variation table display along with the bulk add-to-cart button feature. Enabling this setting allows users to view product variations in a table format, simplifying their selection process. 

Additionally, the bulk add-to-cart button feature enables users to conveniently add multiple items to their cart with a single click, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Manage Product Variation Table

Shopify Variation Table List enables you to showcase multiple distinct versions of the products in your store. You can easily customize the product variation data, each with unique features. The extension provides the flexibility to show variation data like quantity, image, price, weight, SKU, & stock in a table, making it effortless for the customer to select and compare each variation. 

You can also sort the table columns with numerical values of attributes, which helps in making fine decisions efficiently for both you and the customer.

Customize Pagination Per Page

Navigate the customers to distinct pages of product variation by enabling the pagination option, which showcases limited items per page. By clicking to display the pagination on your store, you effortlessly control the number of products to be displayed on each page for smooth browsing.

Exclude Products & Collection

The Product Variation setting permits you to select and exclude specific products and collections from the store. This feature of the Shopify variation table list gives you control over which items to display, allowing you to boost the product variation presentation to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Set Product Variation Table Styling

Shopify Variation Table List allows you to enhance your product table appearance and readability by adjusting the background colors for even & odd rows. You can customize the header with some specific background and text colors of your choice, centering the alignment & font with padding.

Additionally, for both the Add-to-Cart Button and Bulk Add-to-Cart Button, you can opt to show images easily by clicking the check box or can display the cart buttons by defining the background & text colors, including the setting of font size & specific button text.

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