ShopWare Limit Order Quantity

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Limit Order Quantity extension empowers you to define and enforce order quantity restrictions effortlessly. You can set specific order quantity limits, apply them to individual products or entire categories, and even define custom rules for guest customers. Whether you want to restrict customers or apply quantity limits to selected products, this extension gives you the flexibility to manage your inventory effectively.


  • Activate the extension to limit order quantities in your store
  • Create multiple rules to limit order quantities
  • Customize messages for minimum and maximum quantities
  • Select all customers, products, and categories to apply uniform quantity limits
  • Assign priority levels to the rules
  • See – Complete Features of ShopWare Limit Order Quantity

Compatible with V.6.4 & V.6.5

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Features Of ShopWare Limit Order Quantity

Limit Order Quantity Based on Customers

You can choose to restrict order quantities based on customer groups and individual customers. By selecting a customer group and individual customers from the dropdown menu, you can apply quantity restrictions tailored to different customer segments. 

This functionality allows businesses to implement personalized sales strategies, offer unique promotions, and manage customer-specific demand more effectively.

Restrict Order Quantity Based on Products & Categories

The Limit Order Quantity extension allows you to select specific products and product categories from the dropdown menu. Once selected, you can apply quantity restrictions to the chosen products or categories. This empowers store owners to efficiently manage inventory and sales by limiting the order quantity for specific items or entire product categories.

Create Multiple Rules to Limit Order Quantity

Addify Limit Order Quantity extensions allow you to take charge of your store’s order quantity restrictions. Offer a personalized shopping experience for registered and guest customers by applying quantity limits as desired. 

You can choose to limit order quantities based on:

  • Customer Groups
  • Individual Customers
  • Products 
  • Product Categories
  • All Customers 
  • All Categories

Easily manage the number of products customers can purchase, ensuring fair distribution and avoiding excessive orders.

Customize Error Messages for Minimum & Maximum Quantities

This extension enables the configuration option to customize messages when the customer selects a number that is less or exceeds the restricted quantity limit. You can choose to customize error messages for:

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Maximum Quantity

For example, set a restriction for guest users to order a maximum of 50 quantities. Any guest user exceeding the limit will receive this message.

More Features

  • Add a custom title to the quantity restriction rule 
  • Choose to apply the rule to guest users
  • Enable or disable the quantity restriction rule
  • Specify minimum and maximum quantities for each rule
  • View all rules created in a log
  • Choose products and product categories to limit the order quantity
  • Restrict order quantity based on individual customers
  • Limit order quantity based on customer groups:
    • Subscriber
    • Retailer Group
    • Standard Customer Group
    • Wholesale Customers

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