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Addify Password Protected allows merchants to create multiple passwords and make all or specific parts of an e-store password protected. Control access to different sections of your store and tailor the customer experience. You can create exclusive VIP areas and enjoy unlimited password-protected rules for added control and flexibility


  • Password protects the entire store or specific sections of the store
  • Create a private area exclusively for VIP customers
  • Generate unlimited password-protected rules for enhanced security
  • Enable testing of pages and products before making them live
  • See – Complete Features of ShopWare Password Protected

Compatible with V.6.4 & V.6.5

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Features Of ShopWare Password Protected

Allow Password Protection on Your Store

The Addify Password Protected extension allows you to add password protection to your entire website, specific pages (including the Home page), individual products, and categories. This functionality allows you to restrict access to certain content, effectively making your website private.

Moreover, with this extension, you can implement a freemium model for your store. By setting passwords for specific products and categories, you can offer two types of access:

  • Paid – Password Protected
  • Free – Free Access

Customize the Appearance of Password Button

The extension offers a range of customization options to enhance user experience. You can easily customize the button color and button text color to match the website’s theme. 

The extension also allows for personalizing the error message when the users add incorrect passwords. Furthermore, the description feature allows users to add relevant information or instructions, providing clarity and context to the password protection process. 

Using this extension, adjust the form opacity to strike the perfect visual balance on password-protected pages.

Enable Google Bot to Crawl Password-Protected URLs

The extension allows you to control Googlebot’s access to password-protected URLs on your website, enabling or disabling crawling for search engine indexing (Bing, Yandex, Google, etc.).

Password protection involves using a 302 (temporary redirection) to manage access. When a user visits a protected URL, they are redirected to a separate page. If the correct password is entered, the user is redirected to the targeted page.

Note: This feature only applies to parent products and does not include single variations of the same product.

More Features

  • Secure the entire website or specific parts as per your preference
  • Generate multiple passwords for different sections of the website 
  • Set rule priority
  • Choose to activate the rule created
  • View all rules created in a log
  • Create multiple passwords for single or different products and categories
  • Set titles for each password rule for easy reference
  • Customize button and text colors to match your website’s theme
  • Adjust form opacity
  • Set a personalized error message for incorrect password attempts
  • Add a description to display on the password-protected form
  • Choose to allow or disallow Google bot from crawling password-protected URLs
  • Utilize 302 redirects to control access to certain content
  • Support the crawling of parent products instead of individual variations

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