ShopWare Redirect after Login, Logout and Registration

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The Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration extension allows store owners to optimize customer experiences by creating custom rules for registration, login, and logout and redirecting them to relevant pages. This extension offers flexibility through redirection customization for all or selected customer groups.



Compatible with V.6.4 & V.6.5

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Features Of ShopWare Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration

Create Multiple Rules for Redirection

With the Redirect after Login, Logout & Registration extension, store owners have the freedom to establish multiple rules for redirection. This means you can configure separate redirection paths for each of the critical actions:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Logout

By defining unique rules, you can ensure that customers are redirected to the most relevant pages or URLs based on their actions within your store.

Setup Redirection Based on Customer Groups

The extension allows you to create different redirections based on specific customer groups, catering to their unique requirements. You can easily set up redirects for various groups, such as:

  • Subscriber
  • Retailer Group
  • Standard Customer Group
  • Wholesaler Customers

Moreover, you have the option to enable redirection for all customer groups, streamlining their navigation on your website.

Choose from Multiple Redirection Options

The extension offers various redirection options. You can choose to redirect users to the following pages:

  • Default Page: Redirects users to a predefined default page
  • Home Page: Redirects users to the website’s main or home page
  • Custom URL: Allows users to specify a custom URL for redirection
  • Previous Page: Redirects users back to the page they visited before the current one

More Features

  • Add a custom URL for customized redirection
  • Redirect users based on specific customer groups:
    • Subscriber
    • Retailer Group
    • Standard Customer Group
    • Wholesaler Customers
  • Specify redirection rule priority
  • Provide various redirection options:
    • Default Page
    • Home Page
    • Custom URL

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