Tax Exempt for WooCommerce

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Tax Exempt allows store admins to offer tax exemption to specific user roles and customers. Admins can grant tax exemption manually from backend or let customer to ask for tax exemption through “My Account” page.

Key Features

  • Allow specific user roles to claim exemption
  • Show exemption form in my account page
  • Customize exemption form fields
  • Show tax exemption status on my account page i.e approved, rejected or pending
  • View exemption requests from the back-end
  • Approve/Reject exemption requests
  • Add expiry to tax exemption
  • Email notification to let the admin know when exemption request is received
  • Email notification to let the customer know about tax exemption request
  • Show tax exemption details on order details page
  • Grant exemption to customers from the back-end(without a request)
  • Allow guest users to claim tax exemption

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of Tax Exempt for WooCommerce

Show Tax Exempt Checkbox on Checkout Page

In Tax Exempt for WooCommerce once the customer is approve for tax exemption, he will see a tax exempt checkbox on his checkout page. Enabling this option would result in removal of tax amount from the order total amount.

Separate Tax Exempt Section on My Account Page

With Tax Exempt for WooCommerce, a tax exempt section will be created in my account page of eligible users. Here they can apply for tax exemption by filling a exemption request form. Admin can customize this form by changing the field titles and by adding upload-able fields in order to collect relevant documentation.

Review Tax Exemption Requests from Back-End

Once a customer applies for tax exemption then the admin will receive an email notification about the request submission. Then the admin will access Tax Exempt for WooCommerce’s user section in order to review the exemption requests. After reviewing the exemption request it will be up to the admin to decide whether to grant tax exemption or not. Admin can also grant exemption and make it time bound by adding a expiry date to it.

Tax Exempt Specific Users

In Tax Exempt for WooCommerce, admin can grant exemption to specific customers. These customers would not have to submit exemption requests like other customers. However if they want they would be able to add their tax details in my account page any time they want to.

Tax Exemption Notice

In Tax Exempt for WooCommerce, admin can let the customers know that they can claim tax exemption by showing them a custom notice on checkout page. Admin can also add a redirection link to tax exempt request form so that the guest user or any other customer can fill out the details and apply for tax exemption.

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