Abandoned Cart Recovery

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

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According to a research, around 60-80% of users visit an eCommerce site and end up at the checkout page but never complete their purchase. Regardless of how efficient the checkout process is; even the best suffer with an abandonment rate of 20-25%. While an email following up with the customer has helped many recover at least 30% of sales. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery allows you to create multiple follow-up emails whilst offering you with the benefit of scheduling them to send after various durations.

If you’re interested in reclaiming those sales then this plugin is just the solution you needed.


  • Set the option to pre-capture the users email address using a modal popup.
  • Option to set the delay time after which the message regarding the cart abandonment is sent out.
  • Multiple email templates that can be sent out manually or automatically.
  • A highly instinctive analytical dashboard that allows you to manage the cart recovery using lists of abandoned carts, pending orders, a grid with all the recovered carts, and a log to track all the emails that have been sent out.
  • An option to set the time span after which a cart will automatically be detected abandoned and further after which the cart should be deleted.
  • Full email customization – allows the selection of the title, text, and name of the recipient, along with direct links or discount codes.

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

The Dashboard

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery offers one of the most essential features being the dashboard. It allows you to keep track of abandoned carts, pending orders, and even their recovery details for the last 30 days.

Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce allows you to view cart details, customer names and emails with the help of a grid view. It displays all the abandoned carts along with their details, and with the help of a dropdown menu you can further select between the various email templates you’ve created and send them accordingly.

Pending Orders

With WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin’s this feature you are able to recover pending orders as you may send follow up emails to your customers. This allows you to ask them to make payments or complete their purchase.

Recovered Carts

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin recorded details of your recovered carts can be edited and viewed with the extension.

Emails Log

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin also allows you to keep a log of all abandoned cart emails sent via the extension. This makes it easier to track all of the outgoing emails.

Creating Email Templates

With WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email You are able to create and store multiple email templates to send out either manually or schedule them to send automatically after different intervals.

This extension allows full customization whilst creating a new email template. For example, you can customize the template name, email type – whether it’s for an abandoned cart or a pending order, sending method – automatic or manual, subject of the email, and other body variables like name, cart subtotal, coupon, coupon expiry date, and recovery button or link.

Configuration Options

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin’s functional and fully customizable as the general settings allow you to activate or deactivate the abandoned cart functionality, or annually configure a time span after which a cart is considered as abandoned.

The recovery feature can be enabled or disabled for pending orders, and you can select the option to delete pending orders after a certain amount of time has passed by. However, this action will only delete the orders from the extension’s grid.

It also gives you the option to either pre-capture email addresses, or obtain them via the checkout page. With this you are also able to generate coupons for the recovery and also have the option to specify when they should be deleted. You may set the timing for the cron job to send out scheduled emails in minutes, hours, and days.


  • When is a cart considered Abandoned?

    It depends on the personal preference of the store admin. From the backend admin can specify the time span after which cart is considered abandoned and recovery process starts. Admin can then also specify the time period after which cart data is deleted

  • Abandoned Cart Dashboard can display data for how many days exactly?

    Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce will keep the cart data for the previous 30 days including data for abandoned carts, pending order and recovered carts.

  • Does WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery allow follow-up emails?

    Yes, store admin can set-up multiple email templates which will then be sent manually or automatically according to the admin's choice

  • How can we acquire the email of a customer prior to order?

    For registered customers, email being taken during registration will be used and for non-logged in users you pre-capture customer’s email using a modal pop-up.

  • How frequently customers receive follow-up emails for abandoned carts?

    By default the abandoned cart follow-up email is sent only once. However, In this plugin you can schedule multiple emails using email log.

  • Are email templates editable?

    Yes, you can fully edit the default email template to make them look more attractive by adding pictures of products or mentioning lucrative discount offers.

  • Why are there no emails sent even though there are abandoned carts in the dashboard of WooCommerce?

    You have to set timing through cron jobs in order to schedule the emails to be sent automatically.

Customer reviews

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    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    All the existing features work great and the dashboard is very detailed as well. However just a recommendation from my side would be to show numbers on the dashboard referring to the stage where most of the carts get abandoned.
  2. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Custom auto mails containing discount codes with woocommerce abandoned cart recovey have dramatically increased my recovery rate. Would recommend to everyone suffering from the horrors of abandoned carts
  3. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    The woocommerce abandoned cart recovery dashboard gives an excelent insight on store's performance
  4. 5

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Recapturing lost customers made easy by Addify!
  5. 5

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Collecting data from this plugin and offering incentives to customers increased my sales by 15%, it has to be the best abandoned cart plugin for woocommerce.
  6. 5

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

    A great tool, which is a real help for our business. I had no similar automation activated before, but I realize the reminder email with cart objects is a great boost for any business, it works!