WooCommerce Product Labels and Stickers

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WooCommerce product labels plugin can help you to add enticing labels & stickers on your products, and make them stand out of whole catalog. This is an eye-catching way to indicate promotions, deals, offers, stock status, and more on your e-store. These labels can be in the form of text, image/GIF, SVGs etc. 

Key Features:

  • Create and add multiple attractive labels & stickers
  • Add product labels of following four types:
    • Text
    • Image / .GIF only
    • Text over image / .GIF
    • SVG with text
  • Place labels and stickers at any position on product image section
  • Display product labels on listing and product details pages
  • Add labels to specific products, categories, tags, stock, prices, and more
  • Set start and end dates for each label separately
  • Option to customize text label opacity and color
  • Display labels to selected customers, user roles, and countries
  • Options to hide WooCommerce’s default badges
  • Options to show single or multiple labels and stickers at the same time

Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | WordPress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Add Multiple Labels and Stickers

WooCommerce Product Labels helps create multiple badges and stickers that can help promote products and increase revenue. This is done to emphasize exceptional products and its information by adding one or more eye-catching labels.

Choose from 4 Different Types of Labels

This plugin enables its users to choose from four different types of badges. You can add text, image, and/or GIF labels. 

  • Text labels: Add any text to display as a label and customize its color, font, and size.
  • Text over .GIF/image: Upload images or .GIF and display text over image/.GIF.
  • Image/.GIF label: Upload an image or .GIF to display the label.
  • SVG With text: Create a desired label by choosing from available shapes and add text on it.

Set Product & Country Based Restrictions for Labels

WooCommerce advance product labels supports various conditions to display labels in order to enhance conversion rates and income. These useful conditions include:

Product-based conditions: Add labels on all or selected products by:

  • Individual products
  • Categories and tags
  • In-stock products
  • Out-of-stock products
  • Products on backorder
  • Stock range
  • Shipping classes
  • Product types
  • Regular product price range
  • Sales product price range
  • Active product price range
  • Bestseller
  • On-sale products
  • Featured products
  • Non-sale products
  • Product sales count
  • New products
  • Product’s age


Conditions based on User Country: Choose to show or hide labels for countries of your choice.



Customize Position & Sizes of Labels

The product labels for WooCommerce provides various customization options to make the labels look visually appealing. You can customize the positions & sizes of labels for product & category pages separately i.e for a single product you can display different labels on product & category pages. And, following customizations of size and positions are available:

  • Show badge on product page
  • Badge size for product page
  • Badge position
    • Top 
    • Bottom
    • Left 
    • Right
  • Space before badge
  • Space after badge
  • Space for top of badge
  • Space for bottom of badge
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