WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

4.83 (18 reviews)

WooCommerce Composite Products Builder allows customers to purchase configurable custom products like computers, servers, bicycles, cameras, sports equipment, and more. Allow customers to build personalized products by step by step choosing the components. Show existing products as component options and charge the price of individual products or set a fixed price for the final product. Add dependable components to keep your product page clean and display only the relevant products to choose from.

Key Features

  • Allow customers to personalize and custom build their product
  • Show existing products as component options
  • Choose from 3 different layouts
  • Adjust product prices using 5 pricing modes
  • Charge shipping by item or as a package

Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.5.0 or Higher | WordPress Version 4.0.0 or Higher

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    Rated 4.83

Billed annually at $119 $89 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates

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Features for WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

Allow Customers to Build Products by Choosing Components

Composite products WooCommerce plugin enables customers to order custom products by selecting and adding individual components. Taking the example of a PC, the user can choose the motherboard, RAM, ROM, etc, of his choice and thus get a product that is exactly what he needs. 

With the plugin, you can create product components and adjust the component layout. There are three layout options, including:

  • Vertical: ideal for components having not more than 3 components
  • Toggle: ideal for building complex products, e.g., a computer
  • Steps: ideal for products requiring details, e.g., a car

You can choose to display a configurable product after the product description or after the product summary. 

Charge for Whole or Each Component (5 Price Adjustment Modes)

With the WooCommerce Composite Products, set price type and price adjustment from the composite settings. Set a base price to which each component’s price will be added, making it easier for customers to easily select and purchase the product components. Choose from two pricing options:

  • Fixed
  • Base + Components added

Moreover, there are 5 price adjustment modes as well which are:

  • Ignore Adjustments
  • Fixed Increase
  • Fixed Decrease
  • Percentage Increase
  • Percentage Decrease

Make Components Dependent With Conditional Logic

As users shop for certain product components on your store, you can make components dependent on certain conditions. 

These conditions will allow you to display or hide certain components in case the user chooses to add specific component options.  Through customizable settings, add as many scenarios as needed, enable a scenario, and add a name and a description explaining the condition. 

You can add conditions by customizing the following options: 

  • Choose a component, e.g., RAM
  • Select a condition:
    • Is – If a certain product IS selected
    • Not – If the product IS NOT selected
    • Any – If ANY of the product is selected
  •  Add products, e.g., 32GB RAM, 64GB RAM


Add Multiple Customizable Product Components

You can add multiple components and allow users to add these products as components to their orders. While adding a new component, you can add a custom name, description, and image and alter the following settings: 

  • Choose products, categories & tags
  • Select a default product 
  • Choose component quantity type:
    • Fixed 
    • Range 
  • Enter a quantity for fixed or min and max for range
  • Select adjustment type:
    • Fixed increase/decrease
    • Percentage increase/decrease 
  • Add adjustment value 

Once a component is created, you can edit, update, or delete components as required. 

Adjust Component Visibility and Hide Prices

Manage how components appear to users with advanced component settings. Choose from the following options to manage component visibility:

  • Select listing style:
    • Simple dropdown
    • Dropdown with product image 
    • Radio button 
    • thumbnails
  • Set product listing by price, name, date, rating, or popularity
  • Choose the order type as ascending or descending
  • Select product price type:
    • Hide price
    • Active price
    • Regular price + sale price


Show Component Stock Availability & Adjust Attributes

The WooCommerce product configurator allows you to show the stock availability of components to trigger FOMO. That, in turn, encourages users to place their orders till stock lasts. You can adjust the following settings to manage stock status and attributes: 


  • Hide/show stock message on the dropdown 
  • Display/hide product title, description, thumbnail, price & stock
  • Mark certain components as required/unrequired
  • Make component exclusive (won’t be available in other selections)

Make Components Required or Optional

With WooCommerce Composite Products, you can choose whether a product component is mandatory or optional. Check the box in settings to make the components mandatory for customers to purchase composite products.

Additionally, you make products exclusive to one particular component. Hence this product will not be available in any other component available in the entire store.

Apply Limits on Order Quantity

For each component, you can set a range or step quantity to limit the amount of components ordered by customers. The following settings can be customized to restrict order quantity:

  • Add min and max quantity 
  • Add quantity in multiples of X 

Additionally, you can allow customers to be able to edit component quantities in the cart. You can also add a custom text to be shown to the user on the product page before the component.

Technical Compatibility

  • Version1.0.0View changelog
  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportNo
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

Complete Features List

  • Give customers choice from a list of products or from any product in the store
  • Choose from two pricing options:
    • Fixed
    • Base + Components added
  • Allow customers to choose component variations
  • Display a configurable product:
    • After product description
    • After product summary
  • Allow customers to filter products by IDs, categories, and product tags
  • Set maximum and minimum quantity of components that can be ordered
  • Apply discounts on specific components
  • Mark components required or optional
  • Restrict products to be added as components
  • Choose from 3 Configuration Options
  • Mark components as required or optional
  • Choose to hide component prices
  • Mark components as exclusive 
  • Display/hide the following component attributes:
    • Product title
    • Description
    • Thumbnail
    • Price 
    • Stock
  • Choose from multiple component listing options
  • Charge shipping by:
    • All in one package
    • By components
  • Show component’s stock status
  • Show component list in the form of:
    • Dropdown
    • Dropdown with thumbnail
    • Product thumbnails
    • Radio buttons
  • Make components dependent on other components
  • Enable/disable editing of order quantity in the cart 
  • Choose component quantity type as fixed or add range
  • Allow customers to sort components
  • Hide/show regular/active or sale prices for certain components 
  • Add a custom text for configurable products
  • Choose component order type as ascending or descending
  • Set product listing by:
    • Price
    • Name
    • Date
    • Rating
    • Popularity


Does this plugin show stock status of each component individually?

Yes, With the composite product plugin, you can select an option to display product stock messages on your shop page.

Can we make components dependable on each other?

Yes, you can make your components dependable on one another using conditional logic.

Is there any limit to adding components or products using this plugin?

No limit, using this WooCommerce composite products plugin you can add as many product-components as you want.

How many pricing modes are available in composite products?

There are 5 price adjusting modes to be chosen. 1- Percentage Increase, 2-Percentage Decrease, 3-Fixed Increase, 4-Fixed Decrease, 5-Ignore Adjustments

Can we create configurable products in this plugin?

Yes it allows customers to custom-build their own products by selecting component of their choice.

Can we use products as components using this plugin?

Yes, you can allow customers to pick any product from store as component.

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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    This plugin work perfectly. It's made my online store much more better. Customers appreciate the customization options, and it's increase my sales.
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    I'm really impressed with this plugin and all the customization options of this plugin is very useful. I highly recommend it.
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    The conditional logic feature makes the selection process a lot easier for my customer and it is very simple to set it up
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    This Plugin helps me sell customized products easily. Lots of options, easy to use!
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    I've some issues with installation of this plugin but laterly it was resolved by support team
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder is a fantastic plugin. Effortlessly build custom products with diverse components. Simplifies complex product creation!