WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

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WooCommerce Composite Products Builder allow customers to assemble their own products by providing multiple component options. Charge base price for each component individually or charge for final product as a whole. Offer customers to compose products that are highly customizable such as computers, sports equipment, customized bundles and made to order products.



Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.5.0 or Higher | WordPress Version 4.0.0 or Higher

Billed annually at $79 $49 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features for WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

Allow Customers to Assemble Products

Why Product Assembly Frustrates Customers?

Building a customized product from an online store can be frustrating and time consuming as customers have to search for each component one by one and then deal with multiple orders and deliveries. Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by helping them to assemble their own product using this plugin.

Make Product Configuration Fun!

Product Configurator for WooCommerce enables customers to choose product components based on their needs in a very comfortable way. Gives your customer’s a choice to either select products from given components or choose any product from a specific category present in your store. Charge your customers for the finished product as whole or cost added by the each component separately.

Choose from Multiple Pricing Options

With the WooCommerce Composite Products, set price type and price adjustment from the composite settings. Set a base price to which each component’s price will be added, making it easier for customers to easily select and purchase the product components. Choose from two pricing options:

  • Fixed
  • Base + Components added

Moreover, there are 5 price adjustment modes as well which are:

  • Ignore Adjustments
  • Fixed Increase
  • Fixed Decrease
  • Percentage Increase
  • Percentage Decrease

These adjustments are made when offering a discount on components or charging surplus for any additional cost i.e. shipping.

Make Product Components Dependable

Make components dependable by using conditional logic. Conditional logic can be applied to components in general and as well as on a component’s variation specifically. There are 3 types of conditions that can be applied:

  • Is – If a designated parent component IS selected then hide the incompatible dependent components
  • Not – If a designated parent component IS NOT selected then hide the dependent components for other parent components
  • Any – If ANY of the parent component is selected, hide the incompatible dependent components

And on the basis of above selected conditions any other component can be hidden or be made visible.

For example – Considering the components of a desktop computer, if a mother-board does not support RAM above 16 GB, we can choose to show the compatible RAM options only.

Multiple Components Listing Layout

WooCommerce Product Builder allows you to choose the unique layout to display components of the products. There are three layout options, including:

  • Vertical 
  • Toggle 
  • Steps

Each of these layouts have their own benefits and use cases. Below are some of the scenarios where each of the layout is useful for.

Vertical Layout – is ideal for components having not more than 3 components which makes the product page less cluttered i.e. building a custom watch where you can select dial color and one of different strap options.

Toggle Layout – is ideal for building complex products like computers where the customers can take their time and think about what is the ideal component for their build.

Steps layout – is ideal for the products where you have to show more detail about each component, i.e. building a car since it requires visual conformation of input selected on each step hence customers will find it more easier to select components on each step.

Show Component’s Stock Status

Customers often complain or in some cases get frustrated when they are dealt with stock shortages on the checkout page. The first think they feel is they have wasted all this time for nothing and chances of reacquiring these customers are quite low.

Show Product Availability Status

With the WooCommerce Composite Products plugin, you can select an option to display product stock messages on your shop page. From the settings, select one of the options from the dropdown menu. Stock messages also create a fear of missing out hence which leads to more conversions.

Restrict Products and Quantity to Be Added in The Components

In some cases when building a product you don’t need more than a certain quantity, for example when building a PC you don’t need more than one graphics card but the scalpers can order multiple components disguising in a PC build.

Apply Product and Quantity based Limitations

WooCommerce Composite Products plugin provides the option to select products and categories for each component. Moreover, you can set a minimum and/or maximum quantity available to purchase for each product quantity.

Make Components Required or Optional

With WooCommerce Composite Products, you can choose whether a product component is mandatory or optional. Check the box in settings to make the components mandatory for customers to purchase in composite products.

Additionally you make products exclusive to one particular component. Hence this product will not be available in any other component available in entire store.

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportNo
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

Complete Features List

  • Give customers choice from a list of products or from any product in the store
  • Choose from two pricing options:
    • Fixed
    • Base + Components added
  • Allow customers to choose component variations
  • Allow customers to filter products by IDs, categories, and product tags
  • Set maximum and minimum quantity of components that can be ordered
  • Apply discounts on specific components
  • Mark components required or optional
  • Restrict products to be added as components
  • Choose from 3 Configuration Options
  • Choose from multiple component listing options
  • Charge shipping by:
    • All in one package
    • By components
  • Show component’s stock status
  • Show component list in the form of:
    • Dropdown
    • Dropdown with thumbnail
    • Product thumbnails
    • Radio buttons
  • Make components dependent on other components


Does this plugin show stock status of each component individually?

Yes, With the composite product plugin, you can select an option to display product stock messages on your shop page.

Can we make components dependable on each other?

Yes, you can make your components dependable on one another using conditional logic.

Is there any limit to adding components or products using this plugin?

No limit, using this WooCommerce composite products plugin you can add as many product-components as you want.

How many pricing modes are available in composite products?

There are 5 price adjusting modes to be chosen. 1- Percentage Increase, 2-Percentage Decrease, 3-Fixed Increase, 4-Fixed Decrease, 5-Ignore Adjustments

Can we create configurable products in this plugin?

Yes it allows customers to custom-build their own products by selecting component of their choice.

Can we use products as components using this plugin?

Yes, you can allow customers to pick any product from store as component.

Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    Very good Plugin
    Very good prouct, all working very well and the support is amazing ! The only thing missing is the ability to link the main product image to the choice maid by the buyer. You should buy it right away.
  2. blank

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    I really like this plugin and was happy to see that it works well indeed in a business environment. It's true, merchandisers can not set up their own composite products, but actually they do not need to, because as admin I do not want them to make a mess with products, so, I find this good enough!
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    Great extension to allow my clients to assemble their own products, I can verily indicate which factors are needed and which factors are elective.
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    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    Addify never disappoints when it comes to ready made solutions for woocommerce. I wanted a woocommerce composite products plugin and searched for it on addify, gladly they had it built already and my job got done instantly.
  5. blank

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    It took some time to resolve the setup. But with all the configuration options I handled to get exactly what I required. A useful plugin which has added so important functionality and convenience to my shop.
  6. blank

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    WooCommerce Composite Products Builder

    For my site I wanted to offer my clients the possibility to set up their own product, which was genuinely easy to achieve using the composite product plugin of addify. To make it even more useful, now I have added the integration with Product Add-on and my customers are thrilled.