WooCommerce country restrictions

Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Country Restrictions provide its users a chance to restrict specific products and categories on a country level. This plugin aims to increase customer satisfaction and streamline the buying process. 

Key Features

  • Apply various restrictions for different countries individually
  • Hide specific products & categories based on countries
  • Automatically detects geo-location of the customer
  • Option to hide product prices, Add to Cart button, & payment methods
  • Replace Add to Cart button & price with custom text or link
  • Display error-message or redirect to another link when users access restricted pages with a direct link
  • Add different restrictions using rule-based management on products or in bulk level

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Country Restrictions

Restrict Specific Products & Categories

WooCommerce Country Restrictions plugin allows country-wise restrictions for specific products and categories. If a product or a category is unavailable in a certain country, you can restrict them for that particular country by getting the geo-location of the user. This will definitely improve user experience of your international customers. 



Restrict Prices & Add to Cart Button

The prices of products & Add to Cart button for the specific products and categories can be disabled based on countries. This plugin helps users to hide just attributes instead of fully hiding the product. You can also replace the price and Add to Cart button with a custom text or link.

Restrict Payment Methods

WooCommerce Country Restrictions enables its users to hide or display payment methods to customers based on countries. This helps you to improve the user experience of the international customers.

Redirect Users Against Restricted URLs

You can show error message or redirect users who access a direct link that is restricted in their country. To refrain them from looking at a blank page you can redirect them to some page that is accessible in their country, so that they don’t get a bad impression about your e-store

Also, you can restrict a single product or in bulk and also display a restriction message for the customers. 


  • Can we apply country based restrictions on different payment methods separately?

    Yes, Apart from bulk application of payment restrictions, admin can also opt for restricting specific payment methods in some countries.

  • Do country restrictions for WooCommerce allow bulk application of visibility restrictions?

    Yes, From the backend admin can create a rule restricting product visibility, hiding of add to cart and price options in multiple countries at once.

  • Can we set redirection for restricted URLs in certain countries for better UX?

    Yes, From the backend site administrator has multiple options like adding custom text in case of hidden add to cart or price option and admin can also set a redirection page in case of product visibility restriction in a country.

  • Is the application of rules site-wide in WooCommerce product country restrictions?

    It depends on the admin's preference if he wants he can implement bulk application of rules and if not he can cherry pick specific products to implement the restriction.

  • Is there any limit of how many products or countries can be restricted?

    No, there are no limits. Store admin can create unlimited rules for country based restrictions.

  • Can the admin hide products in all but one country?

    The store admin can select the option of “Hide all products” from the backend which will hide the entire catalogue in all countries and then the admin can simply create a rule to allow visibility in a single country.

Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

  1. 5

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Very easy to install and use, now I can easily restrict country/area in which I don’t want to sell my products, recommended
  2. 5

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    This plugin helped me in many things, such as hiding product prices, creating different restrictions for different countries, this plugin has many settings regarding prices, cart and products. Easy to use and the price is perfect.
  3. 5

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    One in all Plugin, very great product Addify, I can now easily manage my product prices, cart and restrictions setting from this single Country Restrictions for WooCommerce plugin
  4. Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Directing users from restricted countries to another url through Country Restrictions for WooCommerce is a great feature, highly recommended
  5. Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Have been using Country Restrictions for WooCommerce to hide certain products and categories and it works great.
  6. 5

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    Country Restrictions for WooCommerce

    In just a few clicks I restricted access to my products in certain countries, who knew it'd be that simple? Well done Addify!