WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

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WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager plugin enables you to add dependent custom fields to collect the information your business needs during checkout. This plugin allows users to manage the visibility of default billing and shipping fields and add new custom fields using various field types.


  • Create Unlimited Custom Checkout Fields
  • Allow Customers to Upload Files (New)
  • Set up multi-level field complexity (New)
  • Add Fee to Checkout Fields (New)
  • Show product/category-dependent checkout fields (New)
  • Show fields on the “User Detail Page” by checking a checkbox (New)
  • Check – Complete Features List of WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

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Billed annually at $49 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

Add Conditional Checkout Fields

WooCommerce  Custom Checkout Fields plugin allows you to add conditional custom fields that can be positioned anywhere on the checkout page. You can select from the following choices when creating a new field.

  • Choose from 19 field types
  • Mark fields as optional or mandatory
  • Make full-sized or half-width fields 
  • Add field placeholder, description, and custom CSS
  • Allot fields to specific user roles
  • Make fields dependent on pre-existing fields

Add Fields of 19 Different Types

Checkout Fields Manager for WooCommerce provides 19 field types to choose from and lets you collect additional customer data. Please note that the following fields are supported with this plugin:


Text Text area Email
Select box Multi-select box Radio button
Number Password (accept secret input) Color picker
Date picker (calendar) Time picker Google ReCAPTCHA
Heading Message VAT with validation
Description (message display only) Checkbox Multi-checkbox
File Upload (New)

Display Fields Based on User Roles

Get a clean and new checkout page with the WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugin. Create new sections to show custom data to selected user roles and assign custom fields only to specific user roles.

Manage Default Billing and Shipping Fields

Customize the title of default billing and shipping fields with the WooCommerce add checkout fields plugin. You can choose to show or hide fields based on user roles. Moreover, add fields anywhere on the custom checkout page WooCommerce using 15 pre-defined positions and mark them mandatory or optional.

Default billing and shipping fields can also be reordered and customized with WooCommerce add custom checkout fields plugin. Default fields can be customized by:

  • Changing field labels
  • Reordering fields
  • Restricting field visibility by user roles

Add Fee to Checkout Fields (New)

WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields allows you to add a fee with specific checkout fields. The fee can be added to charge customers additional amounts for things like gift wrapping, taxes, delivery options, premium support, etc.

Merchants can add 2 different types of field fees, which are:

  • Percentage Fee(percentage of cart total)
  • Fixed Fee(fixed amount regardless of cart total)

In addition to this, you can also make fields with fees taxable by edit checkout fields WooCommerce.

Add Multilevel Complex Field Dependability (New)

With Checkout Manager for WooCommerce, you can make checkout fields dependable on other fields or field options, making it ideal to set up multi-level complex fields. In addition, you can also make fields required where the customer won’t be allowed to order if he doesn’t provide the required information or optional.

Make Fields Product or Category Dependent (New)

In addition to making fields dependable on each other, WooCommerce add custom field to checkout page plugin allow merchants to specify fields based on products, categories, or tags included in the cart. This makes these fields conditional, as they will only appear once a specific category or product is added to the cart.

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • CountriesWorldwide
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready

Complete Features List

  • Choose from 19 Different Field Types
  • Add dependent/conditional custom fields to your checkout page
  • Assign fields to specific products, categories, and tags
  • Add field price in fixed or percentage amount
  • Restrict fields based on user roles
  • Automatically display field data in order emails and order detail pages
  • Make fields optional or mandatory
  • Customize field labels, placeholders, and description
  • Ability to hide default shipping and billing fields based on user roles
  • Customize default shipping and billing field titles


Can I make the custom fields dependable on an other fields?

Yes, Admin can make fields dependable on each other. Admin can also setup multi-level field dependability where a specific field can be made dependable on a specific field option from prior field.

How does WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager benefit my store?

Checkout Field manager for WooCommerce can benefit your store by streamlining the checkout process while collecting the required information from the customer.

Can I remove unnecessary default fields from the checkout form?

Yes, admin can reorder, edit or remove default billing and shipping fields.

Will the changes made with WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager be compatible with future updates of WooCommerce?

Yes, this plugin provides frequent updates with new feature addition, bug fixes and updated compatibility.

Can I manage the display order of the checkout fields in the checkout form?

Yes, admin can mange the order of default as well as custom created fields in checkout page.

Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

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    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    Restricting user role feature in the checkout process has allowed me to personalize the checkout experience based on user roles, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. With this feature, I can now offer targeted information and options to specific user groups, enhancing user satisfaction and conversion rates. A fantastic addition for any WooCommerce website looking to cater to different user roles effectively.
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    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    It is very easy to use and it enhanced the user experience of my store. Customers now can have the access to upload a file to ask for any requirement using checkout manager.
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    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    With this plugin, I have more control over the checkout process, Checkout manager allowing me to provide the necessary information conveniently. It ensures a smooth and tailored transaction, making my online shopping journey seamless and enjoyable.
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    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

    I love how easy it is to customize and arrange the fields according to my specific needs, Checkout Field Editor is providing a seamless and personalized experience for my customers.