WooCommerce Edit Order by Customer

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WooCommerce Edit Order by Customer allows customers to adjust their orders and edit specific order details based on user roles and order statuses. The store admin will receive email notifications and changes will be finalized. It is a beneficial plugin for B2B customers who place large orders. 

Key Features

  • Allows customers to edit specific orders details
  • Edit order details based on current order statuses and user roles
  • Enables customers to edit the following fields:
    • Billing addresses
    • Shipping addresses
    • Products
    • Payment methods
    • Shipping methods
  • Notifies admins through email when order details change

Compatible with Wocommerce Version 3.0.0 or Higher | Wordpress Version 4.0.0 or Higher


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Features of Edit Order by Customer

Edit Specific Order Details

Enable editing of orders details for specific customers, order statuses, and user roles with WooCommerce Edit Order by Customer. You can personalize email notifications for admins when order details change. Additionally, you can control the editable order information based on the customer’s current order status.

Edit Billing Address

By allowing the editing of billing addresses, you can control when your customers can edit billing addresses based on order statuses. The edit functionality can be enabled for all or selected fields

Enable Shipping Address

WooCommerce Edit Order by Customer allows you to control which shipping-address fields your customers can modify on your site based on the current order statuses. There are options to turn off the ability to edit postal codes and countries/cities to save on delivery costs.

Enable Product Settings

From the product settings of the Edit Order by Customer plugin, you can choose to enable the product editing for only two order statuses i.e., pending payment and on-hold. All or only a few products can be editable.

Edit Shipping Methods

Choose to make the selected shipping methods editable based on current order statuses.

Edit Payment Methods

This plugin permits its users to select certain payment methods and make them editable based on current order statuses.

Edit Orders from the My Account Page

WooCommerce Edit Order by Customer allows your customers to access the Edit Order button in the orders grid on the My Account page.

The Edit Order button will display the editable information through which your customers can change the order specifics.

While the edit order button allows customers to edit product information, they can also delete and add new products to their orders using the Add Product popup.

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