WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

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This WooCommerce Registration Plugin enables you to display your default WooCommerce billing fields at your standard registration form. This plugin is a less complicated and budget-friendly alternative for merchants that only require basic customer information during registration.

  • Select which default billing fields to enable on registration form
  • Customize field label and layout (Full or half width)
  • Make fields mandatory or optional
  • Automatically sync fields at checkout page under billing section

Friendly Tip: This plugin is not intended for adding custom registration fields it will provide default WooCommerce fields. The WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin will be a worth while purchase if what you require are personalized fields


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Details of WooCommerce Enable Default Fields Extension

Enable Relevant Fields

By using this plugin you will be able to tap into the default fields your back office already possesses. You then can choose whichever field is relevant to enable and do not have to enable all of them. Once you have selected all fields that relate to your requirement, you can also bring about the flowing modifications:

  • Personalize field names
  • Record a place holder text
  • Set a field as mandatory or optional
  • Rank the fields sorting order
  • Set field to show in half or full width

Analyze Your Market

Once the data has been provided by your newly registered customer, even if the user does not make a purchase, their data can contribute to form a sizeable amount of information about your customers. You can include it into your market research to understand countries or specific areas that are more inclined to your store.

Pre-Populate Billing Information

Once the default fields are filled by customer during the registration process, the same data will be used to pre-fill the billing section during the checkout. You can enable/disable following billing fields.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Country
  • State
  • Address
  • City
  • Postal Code

Customer reviews

Feedback & acknowledgement from customers are the things that keeps us motivated, so here is what our customers say.

  1. 5

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    Previous extension didn't have the option to add custom labels to the default fields, Thanks to WooCommerce Enable Default Fields for solving ths problem
  2. 5

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    Have been using WooCommerce Enable Default Fields for about 3 weeks now, so far runs great no issues
  3. 5

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    The best part about WooCommerce Enable Default Fields is that it allows me to remove custom fields from billing form.
  4. 5

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    WooCommerce Enable Default Fields

    Making fields mendatory is now made possible by WooCommerce Enable Default Fields, highly recommended