WooCommerce Gift Registry

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WooCommerce Gift Registry plugin enables customers to create multiple gift registries they are interested in and display them in a grid view. Customers can choose to share gift registries with friends and family for future events while also restricting them based on their needs. 

Key Features 

  • Create multiple gift registries
  • Allow customers to select visibility of registry as private, public, or password protected
  • Allow registry for specific user roles as well as guest users
  • Allow customers to add co-registrant
  • Add event date and other details to the registry
  • Send customized email notifications for customers, admins, and co-registrants
  • Enable social sharing buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Direct Link
  • Mark shipping address field as mandatory to create registry
  • Add gift registry to menu
  • Multiple customization options for error messages
  • Change Add to Gift Registry button
  • Display gift registries in grid view
  • Add checkbox for privacy policy in gift registry form

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Billed annually at $59 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Gift Registry

Create Multiple Gift Registries

Allow your customers to create multiple gift registries and enable the following options:

  • Add title for registry 
  • Select visibility i.e. private, public, or password protected)
  • Add name, email, and address of registrant 
  • Add co-registrant and email to receive notifications
  • Add shipping address
  • Add event date, address, and other details
  • Share gift registry with public setting on Facebook, Twitter, email, or direct link

Enable Grid View of Gift Registries

The Gift Registry plugin provides a separate grid to list all the registries that have been created by users. 

The admin has access to the information of each gift registry and is aware of the most popular items that are frequently added to customer Wishlist.

Customize Email Notifications

The WooCommerce Gift Registry plugin includes a number of email notifications for both the admin and the customer. From the plugin settings, you can enable/disable and personalize each notification.

For Customer:

Email notifications are sent for:

  • Successful creation of new registry
  • Co-registrant
  • Purchase of product from a registry
  • Sharing registry through email
  • Expiration of registry

For Admin:

Email notifications are sent for:

  • Creation of a new registry by customer
  • Purchase of product from a gift registry

Restrict Gift Registry for Specific User Types

With the WooCommerce Gift Registry plugin, you can limit the ability to create new registries to specified user roles and guest users. You can also make customers add shipping addresses and agree to the terms and conditions before creating a new registration.

Personalize Error Messages

From the Gift Registry Settings, you can customize various error messages that are shown in the following scenarios:

  • Guest users are not permitted to create registry
  • Add product to list to create first registry
  • Registered users are not allowed to create registry
  • Registry gets expired
  • Create registry by providing a shipping address

Enable Social Sharing Buttons

With this plugin, customers can directly share the registration with their friends and family if the social sharing links are displayed on your store.

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

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