WooCommerce Private Store

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The Private Store – Registered Users Only plug-in requires visitors to sign-in or register to enter your digital store. Limiting access and visibility for registered users with relevant redirects will be as simple and unambiguous as ever. You can find automatic and manual approval settings for registrations.

It’s obvious that just because you create a private store you wouldn’t want to affect your Google rank. This is why the plug-in also includes Google Crawl and Rank permission settings which you can adjust to your preference. This plug-in helps you keep control of who visits and where. Once they become a registered user, its records consumer patterns and behavior.

All in all, it is an essentially productive marketing tool disguised in a small simple package.

  • Make sign-in compulsory for content viewing
  • Place entire store or particular pages, categories and products restrictions
  • Enable or disable New User registration pop-ups
  • Alert visitor and admin of pending new user approval
  • Customize Login page’s background video, image or opacity
  • Upload visuals from YouTube
  • Forward visitor to same or relevant link after sign-in
  • Set Google crawl permissions


  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Detailed Features of WooCommerce Private Store Plugin

  • Force Users to Sign-in

    Site’s that require exclusivity would prefer this particular function to force visitors to sign-in to their B2B, or member and invite-only websites to allow content viewing. This plug-in, aptly and seamlessly, requests your visitor to sign-in once they reach a destination you have restricted. Redirect your customers after successful sign-in to a landing page of your choice. From the same page to a relevant custom page with a message from you for a personal touch, the choices are unlimited. Find the solution that complements your customer’s overall experience.

  • Enable/Disable New User Registration & Validate

    Simplify B2B and B2C with the facility to accept or decline registration requests. Once a potential customer visits, immediately present them with the opportunity to sign-in or register, conveniently converting them. With that, you have just politely increased your number of sales leads.

  • Redirects

    Forcing a customer to sign-in and register along with its hassles, can really affect the customer experience you give out. Overcome the negative experience with this particular feature. After they sign-in/register, redirect them to the same page, relevant link or custom URL, basically any page you feel would encourage more fruitful engagement. Using this feature to your advantage and direct consumer traffic to where you need it. For instance, in case you have released a new product, reroute a newly registered user to view them.

Customer reviews

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