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WooCommerce Product Image Flipper enables you to flip product images on category pages. This transition between product images takes place when a user hovers on the product’s thumbnail image. It looks clean and provides an aesthetically pleasing user experience. You can choose from multiple flipping effects and add different animations for hovering in and hovering out.

Key Features

  • Add flipping effects to product images
  • Choose from 3 types of flipping effects
    • Flip
    • Slide
    • Fade
  • Choose different animations for hover in and hover out
  • Automated application on every product containing multiple product images

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Features of WooCommerce Product Image Flipper

Enables Image Flipping on Product Images

With WooCommerce WooCommerce Image Flipper enables you to show flipping product images on category images. Images will flip when a user hovers over the product image. This plugin will significantly improve user experience on your E-store and will add a refreshing look to your website. This plugin will automatically enable image flipping on all the products containing multiple product images.

Choose from Multiple Flipping Styles

In WooCommerce Product Image Flipper you get the option to choose from 3 types of flipping styles. These flipping styles are:

  • Flip
  • Fade
  • Slide

Option to Select Different Animation Styles for Hover-in and Hover-out

WooCommerce Product Image Flipper enables you to select entirely different animations for hovering-in and hovering-out effects.

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