WooCommerce Product Stock Manager

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WooCommerce Product Stock Manager is a powerful plugin to easily manage stock of products and variations in a single grid view with useful filters for product type, category name, stock status, price, stock quantity, and more. With a powerful dashboard, view and manage stock details. 


  • Option to Manage Stock in a Detailed List View of Products
  • Option to Manage and Unmanage Stock
  • Option to View Informative Stock Dashboard
  • Option to Sort Products on Multiple Attributes
  • Option to Set and Customize Stock Status
  • Option to Manage Taxation and Shipping on Products
  • Option to View Detailed Stock Log
  • Option to Import or Export Stock Data in .CSV Format

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Billed annually at $49 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


Manage Stocks Via Grid View

Save the extra step of visiting each product page to see and update stock quantities. WooCommerce Product Stock Manager simplifies the task by updating all stock quantities, statuses, names, pricing, and other important information using a simple list view. Using this plugin, you can sort and filter products based on name, price, stock quantity, and more.

View/Change These Entities Sorting Options
Manage or unmanage stock Stock range (minimum/maximum)
Stock status Category
Backorders Product type (simple, variable, and grouped)
Stock quantities Stock status (in-stock, out-of-stock, and back-ordered)
Restock history Managed and unmanaged stock
Product names and SKUs Search by product name and SKU
Tax statuses and tax classes Sort by Product
Shipping classes and weight Sort by Product Price
Special and standard prices Sort by Product Quantity

Maintains Product Restock History in History Log

WooCommerce Stock Manager maintains a product stock log to keep track of all the stock changes. Merchants can keep up with the latest changes and modifications as necessary.

Import and Export Product Stock

WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management uses pre-defined .CSV files to import and export stock quantities. Below details can be modified while importing:

  • Name
  • In stock? (Manage stock: Yes or No?)
  • Backorders allowed? (Yes or No?)
  • Stock quantity
  • Weight (lbs.)
  • Sale price
  • Regular price
  • Stock Status (Status in-stock or out-of-stock)
  • Shipping class
  • Tax class
  • Tax status

View Stock Details in Stock Dashboard

Products that are currently out-of-stock, low-stack, or overstock can be viewed on the WooCommerce Stock Management Plugin dashboard. Additionally, you can also view import information about current stock quantity and stock value.

Customize Stock Color for Stock Statuses

Under the settings section of the Product Stock Manager plugin, you can customize stock color for different stock statuses and overstock quantity.

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

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