WooCommerce Re-Order

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WooCommerce Re-Order for WooCommerce is an innovative plugin that simplifies the reordering process, boosting customer engagement. Set custom button text and colors, display repeat order options on various pages, and use convenient reminders. Gain valuable insights through the comprehensive order summary and graphical representations of your store’s performance. 


  • Streamline the reordering process for your customers
  • Customize button text and colors 
  • Show repeat order options on multiple pages
  • Specify discounts on orders and their type
  • Enable the popup body to display of product image, name, price, and total
  • See – Complete Features of WooCommerce Re-Order

Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.5.0 or Higher | WordPress Version 4.0.0 or Higher

Billed annually at $29 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Re-Order

Display Re-Order Buttons on Multiple Pages

The WooCommerce Re-Order plugin for WooCommerce allows you to place reorder buttons on multiple pages to make the repurchasing process quick and effortless for customers. You can display the button on:

  • Order List Page
  • Order Detail Page
  • Thank You Page

You can also choose to display buttons in a popup and customize the settings for a popup. This enhances user convenience and encourages repeat sales, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customizable Buttons and Text

The WooCommerce ReOrder plugin allows you to set custom button text for every stage of the repeat order process, giving you the flexibility to craft the perfect call-to-action for your customers. You can customize button text for the following:

  • Recent Orders
  • Repeat Orders
  • Repeat Order Now
  • Repeat Order & Redirect
  • Set Reminder
  • Repeat Order After x-days

Whether it’s encouraging them to repeat a recent order, reorder after a specific time, or redirecting them to a thank you page after a successful repeat purchase, you have full control.

Configure Re-Order Popup

The ReOrder for WooCommerce plugin allows you to personalize the popup heading to match your branding. The popup body displays essential product information, helping customers quickly review the items they intend to reorder. 

You can control the popup’s appearance with adjustable height, width, and padding options. The plugin’s popup features a customizable “Reorder and Checkout” button and enticing discounts to encourage repeat purchases. You can choose from the following discount options:

  • None
  • Fixed Discount
  • Percentage Discount

Comprehensive Order Insights

Gain valuable insights into your store’s performance with the comprehensive order summary. Using the plugin, you can monitor Total Sales, Total Orders, and Total Orders of Product Sold, providing data-driven decisions to optimize your store’s success. 

Moreover, you can visualize order performance through graphical representations based on order totals and order products.

More Features

  • Customize button text for different stages of the reorder process:
    • Recent Orders
    • Repeat Orders
    • Repeat Order Now
    • Repeat Order & Redirect
    • Set Reminder
    • Repeat Order After x-days
  • Display repeat order buttons on the: 
    • Order Listing Page
    • Thankyou Page
  • Set a custom text and color for reorder button
  • Display reorder buttons on the:
    • Order List Page
    • Order Detail Page
    • Thankyou Page
  • Show buttons in a popup
  • Add a custom text as a popup heading
  • Customize reorder popup by adjusting:
    • Height 
    • Width
    • Padding 
  • Add custom text and color for the checkout and reorder button
  • Specify the number of orders after which the discount will be offered
  • Choose from three types of discounts: 
    • None
    • Fixed Discount
    • Percentage Discount
  • Keep track of the revenue generated from the:
    • Total Sales
    • Total Orders 
    • Total Orders of Products Sold
  • Check the store’s performance with the comprehensive order summary
  • View and track order performance in a graph
  • Perform bulk actions on recent orders 

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

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