Request A Quote for WooCommerce

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Allow customers to request product quotes before purchasing with the WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin. The plugin provides quote info & status, replacement of add to cart with quote button, and personalized email notifications for admin and customers.


  • Replace Add to Cart with Add to Quote button 
  • Customize email notifications for admin and customers
  • Show Quote info on Order Page for admin and customers
  • Add Quote Status, i.e., “Pending,” “Converted to Order,” “Complete,” etc.


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Billed annually at $69 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Request a Quote

Create A Quotation Management System

The WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin, enables its users to create a complete quotation management system, making it easier for customers to add the products in bulk to the quote basket and submit the quote form.

This plugin allows a mini quote basket similar to the mini cart that lets customers quickly review their items and make changes to their products. They can change add/remove products and change quantity and size, etc. The quote cart also displays a standard/offered price column.

Show Add-To-Cart Button On Product & Category Pages

WooCommerce request a quote allows you to display an “add to quote” button on category and product pages. The add-to-quote button is highly customizable, and you can alter the following:

  • Set Usage by user role
  • Insert text for Add-to-Quote button
  • Choose Background and Button color

You can also enable the button on specific products and categories.

Hide Price & Replace Add To Cart Button - Add to Quote Button

WooCommerce Request a Quote allows you to hide the Price and “Add to Cart” buttons from your store. Alternatively, the “Add to Quote” button can replace the traditional “Add to Cart,” or you can show both at the same time.

You can also hide the price and show the “add to quote” button for specific products and categories only. In this case, the price and “add to cart” buttons can separately be hidden.

Add Customizable Quote Submission Form

Request A Quote for WooCommerce Plugin offers a highly customizable quote form. Add unlimited, customizable fields to this quote. Here are the options that you can customize on the quote submission form:

  • Add a field name, label, default value, placeholder 
  • Choose from 13 different field types
  • Insert default text
  • Sort field order
  • Make fields optional or mandatory

In addition to this admin can review and edit quote form data from the back-end admin dashboard.

Display A Mini Quote Basket

WooCommerce Request a Quote’s Mini Basket allows customers to keep track of items added to the quote so far. The quote basket is updated in real-time, hence allowing the customers to keep up to date with products, quantities, and quoted totals. User roles can also restrict quotation mini baskets.

Restrict Quotations By User Roles, Products & Categories

WooCommerce Request a Quote allows you to restrict quotations by user roles. You get the option to restrict user roles for quote submission from the back office. Once applied, restricted users will not be able to submit their quotes.

In addition to this, you can also restrict products and categories for quote submission. Users will not be able to add restricted products and categories to their quotes once the restrictions are placed.

Manage Attributes & Status Of Quote Request

Request a Quote for WooCommerce allows you to manage quote attributes in an efficient way. From the back end, view the submitted quote details and send over a new quote to the customer through email. You can add unlimited fields in the Quote Form for desired information and prioritize them accordingly.  This plugin also allows users to convert the quote into order by admin or customer. You can also send email notifications for the status change to customers.

Customize Quote Message & Notifications

WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin allows extensive configuration settings as per your requirements. You can customize quote messages, redirect customers to a new page, enable/disable email notifications for admins and customers, and enable other quote attributes to customers. 



More Features

  • Create quotation management system 
  • Show “Add to Quote” button on products & categories
  • Set the custom text for the “Add to Quote” button
  • Replace add to cart button with custom link/button
  • Display Quote Button for specific user roles & product variations
  • Hide the price of the product and replace it with a custom text
  • Automatic email notifications for admin and customers
  • Redirect user after customizing quote submission messages
  • Add a quote to multiple menus and assign quote status 
  • Indicate standard price in emails, my account, and quote basket
  • Compatible with page builder plugins
  • Add custom fields to quote form & make fields mandatory
  • Support for Rest API(Get, Delete, Update & Create)

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide


Can the admin update the status of the quote?

Yes, the admin can update the status of the quote to pending, in process, cancelled, accepted, rejected and can also convert it to order. Also then the admin can also notify the customer about the status through an email if the admin wants.

Can the customer change the status of the quote?

Yes, From the backend admin can allow the customer to change the quote status. The customer can then from his account page either accept the quote proposed by the administrator and convert to order or reject the quote if he wants to.

Are fields editable in quote submission form?

Yes, From the backend admin can add unlimited fields to the quote submission form, change the order of the fields, change field’s attributes and edit existing fields.

Can the fields be made mandatory or optional in request a quote for WooCommerce?

Yes, Quote submission form fields can be made mandatory or optional.

Is there any quantity limit to apply for a quote?

There’s no quantity limit, request a quote can be applied on the basis of user roles, products and categories only.

Can I edit a customer's submitted quote?

Yes you can edit the quote on customers behalf, add products and change the price. You can also submit a new quote on customer’s behalf.

Is there a way to place custom text when hiding add to cart and price?

Yes, In case the price and add to cart buttons are hidden you can leave them empty if you want to or you can display custom text instead. For example you can display add to quote in place for add to cart and display request a quote instead of price.

How is Mini Quote Basket different from the actual cart?

It's a small dropdown cart which helps customers to keep a track of his ordered items so far instead of visiting the quote page. Mini quote basket shows the items added to quote and quantity requested.

In what case notification emails are sent?

Notification emails are sent to both admin and customers in the following cases: Quote Submission Status Change Quote Accepted Quote Rejected Converted to order by admin Converted to order by customer.

Is this plugin WPML supported?

Yes, This plugin is WPML supported. Request a Quote is also available in other languages like German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Are quote submission emails customizable?

Yes, With recent updates now you can customize quote submission emails by adding tiered pricing tables, product images and quote summary.

Customer reviews

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    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Simple integration, easy for customers best for the WooCommerce stores.
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    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Make quoting easy with this WooCommerce plugin. It made some positive changes for my business, and I recommend it for a relatively straightforward quote request process.
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    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    I'd confidently say it's among the top budget plugins out there. I've never faced any issues, it stays up-to-date, and whenever I have questions, the support is excellent.
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    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Effortless quote requests, great functionality, and user-friendly.
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    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    The support is great! I had a small problem when I first got the plugin, but support helped us fast and fixed it. Now it works perfectly. I am happy with it
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    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    Request A Quote for WooCommerce

    The best feature that attracted me to purchase this plugin is that I can now customize the quotation form to match my website theme. Love this plugin. Highly recommended.