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Customer incentives are a smart way to gain attention, boost engagement, and drive more sales. Benefiting from this idea, the WooCommerce Review for Discount Plugin allows you to reward your customers with coupons as they leave product reviews on your store. It lets you auto-send emails to customers upon single or multiple reviews and create custom coupons to maximize your efforts. 


  • Auto-send coupons to customers upon reviews
  • Create and customize multiple discount coupons 
  • Choose products and categories to trigger coupon 
  • Select discount type as percentage, fixed cart, or product 

Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.5.0 or Higher | WordPress Version 4.0.0 or Higher

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Features of WooCommerce Review for Discount Plugin

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews by Offering Discounts

Positive customer reviews are a great way to gain more customers and build trust in your brand. As more and more customers shop online, their dependence on product reviews has greatly increased.

You can benefit from reviews by offering discount emails to customers as they leave reviews on your products. By sending coupons to users, you can encourage them to make repeat purchases and leave more reviews to gain further benefits. This also helps in building customer loyalty and gaining maximum benefit from existing customers. 

Create & Customize Multiple Review Coupons

To reward your customers for their product reviews, you can offer custom discount coupons. With the Review for Discounts plugin, you can create multiple coupons, add prefixes and descriptions, and adjust the following settings: 

  • Offer coupons on single or multiple reviews 
  • Choose coupon discount type:

    • Percentage discount
    • Fixed cart discount
    • Fixed product discount
  • Add coupon amount and expiry date
  • Enter usage limit per coupon and per user
  • Enter min and max spending limit 
  • Allow free shipping & enable coupon single-use only 
  • Choose to exclude sale items from discounts

Trigger Coupons on Selected Products & Categories

The Review for Discount Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to choose products & categories on which customers can leave reviews and get discount coupons. Once a customer leaves reviews on these products (from chosen categories), they will be eligible for the discount coupon. This step is especially helpful if you wish to increase the number of reviews on a particular product. 

Once a customer receives the coupon, you can allow them to shop only from a list of products and categories. You can choose to exclude desired products and categories, preventing customers from using coupons on restricted items.

Customize Email Template for Discount Coupons

You can edit the emails for single and multiple reviews with the Review for Discount Plugin. Open the email settings and copy the HTML code provided at the bottom to paste into your theme folder. After that, you will be able to override and edit the default email template on your WooCommerce store. Copying the code will allow you to edit the email headings, subject, and email type and will let you insert additional content as per your requirements.

Automate Discount Emails & Delete Expired Coupons

You can automatically send discount emails to your customers by adjusting the cronjob settings. Simply set the timer to desired seconds, minutes, hours, or days and enter a time value. After the entered time, your site will automatically be checked for new reviews, and discount emails will be sent to customers. 

To ensure the smooth application of coupons, you can choose to auto-delete coupons after expiry. This way, you can better manage discounts on your store and eliminate coupons that are no longer of any use.

Send Repeated Email Reminders to Customers

Once an email is sent and the user does not leave a review, you can remind them through email alerts. Simply set the cron job time and duration, after which the reminder emails will be sent. You can also choose the loop duration, after which the reminder emails will be sent again and again till the customer leaves a review. With these efforts, you can easily boost customer engagement and bring users back to your store.

Technical Compatibility

  • Version1.0.0View changelog
  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or Higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • Multi-Site SupportEnglish
  • Multi-Site SupportWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

More Features

  • Set usage limits per coupon & per user 
  • Send automatic discount emails to customers 
  • Create & customize multiple coupons & manage all from log 
  • Set min and max spending limit 
  • Choose products & categories on which coupon is valid
  • Select coupon trigger event:
    • Single review 
    • Multiple reviews
  • Select triggering products and categories
  • Choose coupon discount type:
    • Percentage discount
    • Fixed cart/product discount
  • Select products & categories on which coupons can’t be applied
  • Allow free shipping on coupon usage 
  • Enable coupon single-use only 
  • Choose to exclude sale items
  • Enable auto-deletion of expired coupons
  • Select cronjob type as seconds, days, hours, or mins
  • Enter cronjob time
  • Customize coupons and enter the following details:
    • Coupon amount 
    • Expiry date
    • Usage limit per coupon
    • Usage limit per user

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