WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

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WooCommerce Role Based Pricing plugin enables you to setup your product prices based on individual customers and user roles like B2B, Wholesale, Retailer, and more. With the 5 price adjustment types you can offer same price, discounted price or charge a surcharge on your existing product prices. These new prices will be visible to selected customers and user roles whereas the rest of the customers will see the standard prices. In addtion to this you can also hide price and add-to-cart button for speicific user roles.


  • Supports 5 pricing adjustments
  • Manage pricing data globally or on product level
  • Import/Export Product Level Pricing in bulk using CSV file
  • Hide “price” & “add to cart” and set redirections
  • Add min & max quantity limits


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Billed annually at $79 / year

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year extension updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Features of WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

Rule-Based Management

WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin comes with rule-based management that allows you to change prices of an entire category or selected products in bulk. This feature comes in handy when merchants wish to add a percentage price adjustments to selective products based on user roles. Instead of editing each product, you can create a rule, defined price adjustments for user roles and apply to selective products and categories.

You can also add min and max quantity limits along with rule start and end date – allowing you to apply price adjustments for specific period of time. You add price adjustment for all users or by specific user roles and customers. While creating rule you can customize following options,

  • Set rule title and priority
  • Apply price adjustment to all or specific products and categories
  • Select individual customers to add customer specific pricing
  • Select user roles to apply price adjustments

While selecting user roles you can select All User and Guest users to apply price adjustments to all customers or non-loggedin users respectively.

Pricing on Product Level

You can also add role based pricing on product level to setup a different price for different products based on user roles. The product level settings allows you to,

  • Set price for each User Role and particular customers (Leave empty to use default price)
  • State upper and lower quantity limits
  • Select price adjustment type and choose to replace existing price if needed

Compatible with Product Variations

Variation compatibility allows you to add variation specific role based prices. Just like the product page, the variations level settings allows you to,

  • Define prices based on customers and User Roles individually
  • Define upper and lower maximum order quantity
  • Select price adjustment type and choose to replace existing price if needed

Hide Price & Add to Cart

With WooCommerce role based pricing extension, you can manage the visibility of price adn add-to-cart button based on products, categories, and registration status. You can also conceal price and add-to-cart button entirely or just change the button text and redirect the restricted user to any URL you want.

Import/Export Product Level Pricing

With this extension, you can import/export role based pricing in bulk using a CSV file. While importing the CSV file, you can add following information to the file:

  • Import prices for user roles and customers
  • Add min, max quantity limits
  • Choose from the 5 price adjustment types
  • Add price start date, and end date
  • Add Yes/No to “Replace Original Price” of products

More Features

  • Define pricing for particular User Roles and/or customers
  • Increase prices in percentage or fixed amount
  • Discount prices in percentage or fixed amount
  • Add fixed prices to replace existing product price
  • Add role based pricing using rules or from product level settings
  • Option to improve role based pricing using a CSV file
  • Choose price type to apply discounts:
    • Sale Price
    • Regular Price
    • Ignore if Sale Prices Exist
  • Add min and max quantity for role based prices
  • Strikethrough original price than display new special price
  • Automatically replaces existing price incase of price increase
  • Add Start and End date for role based prices
  • Hide Add-to-Cart for non-logged-in and other User Roles
  • Conceal Price for non-logged-in and other User Roles
  • Replace price with custom text and add to cart with custom button
  • Compatible with product variations
  • Exclude user roles from role-based pricing
  • Enforce min & max quantity on orders

Technical Compatibility

  • WordPress version required4.0.0 or higher
  • WooCommerce version required3.5.0 or higher
  • Multi-Site SupportNo
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • CountriesWorldwide

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Use Cases

Rule 1: Registered Customer A

  • 50% discount on product category Z
  • 20% discount for specific products
  • 20% markup on product category X

Rule 2: Registered Customer B

  • 40% discount on product category Z
  • 30% discount on specific products
  • 30% markup on product category X

Rule 3: Registered Customer C

  • 10% discount for All Products

Rule 4: Registered Customer D

  • 10% markup for All Products

Here, the Registered Customer can be an individual customer or a specific User Role. Each rule has been designed with further rules that will function in the defined scenario. In addition, you can adjust these price rules to remain simultaneously activated.


When prices are hidden what will the non-logged-in user see?

It's entirely up to the store administration. You can show a custom error message or place a login link that redirects to the sign-up page.

Can we restrict the product quantity for certain roles?

Yes, you can set minimum and maximum product quantity for different user roles.

Can we set redirection to custom URL or it will redirect to sign-up always?

Yes, for restricted pages, you can redirect user to any custom URL of your choice.

Can the prices be adjusted at product variation level?

Yes, pricing rules can be implemented to product variations or at specific variations.

Can we restrict product order quantity by user role?

Yes, minimum and maximum order quantity can be restricted from the backend for specific user roles.

Hiding “Price” or “Add to Cart” are implemented site wide or can we hide for specific products/categories?

You can hide “price” and “add to cart” buttons on specific products and categories or for all products and categories, its entirely up to you

Customer reviews

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    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    This tool is amazing for pricing! In my online shop using WooCommerce, it changes prices depending on who's shopping. This makes it easier for customers and helps sell more. Setting it up is easy, but it makes a big difference – I really suggest using it!
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    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing elevates user experience by offering personalized pricing based on roles. A simple yet powerful addition to any WooCommerce store.
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    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    This plugin nails role-based pricing customization. A few setup hiccups, swiftly resolved by support, but the impact on my store's pricing strategy is impressive.
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    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    Highly recommended!
    Incredibly valuable plugin for requirements that unfortunately WooCommerce does not offer natively. In addition, a fast and professional support, that solved a compatibility problem with another plugin in no time and without any difficulties.
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    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    patrick R
    excellent plugin, excellent after-sales service with efficiency and kind people. That's because I deserve 5 stars.
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    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

    Configuring discounts now made easier using role based pricing by addify!