WooCommerce Attribute Stock Management

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WooCommerce Shared Attribute Stock Plugin allows merchants to manage product stock at attribute and variation level. Managing stock at the attribute level makes it easy to keep track of inventory in real-time and helps avoid problems like overselling



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Features of WooCommerce Attribute Stock Management

Manage Product Stock at the Attribute Level

WooCommerce Attribute Shared stock allows merchants to share total inventory based on attributes accordingly. This makes keeping track of stock in real-time easy and helps avoid issues like overselling and understating of stock.

Why Manage Stock at Attribute Level

By default, WooCommerce does not allow merchants to add stock on the attribute level. The total product stock for variable products does not contain the attribute and variation-based stock data. Hence, if an attribute is out of stock, the customer can still purchase it because of the stock added to the product level.

How This Plugin Solves These Problems

Using this plugin merchants can easily assign the actual stock to a particular attribute out of the total stock. Merchants can also add the new stock directly to the attribute level in order to avoid selling more than what they have or stating less than the stock they have for a particular attribute.

Use Cases

Let’s have a look at a few examples to get a better understanding of this plugin’s functionality

Example #1 – Decimal Quantity

If a store sells a product by weight having multiple weight options as variations then using this plugin merchant can easily identify the total remaining quantity even if it’s a decimal value. As you can see in the screenshot when 250g is deducted from the 2 kg total quantity, the remaining quantity is reduced to 1.75 kg accordingly.

Example #2 – Quantity Multiplier

If a store sells items in bundles of more than 1 piece, then merchants can easily add a quantity multiplier at the attribute level for accurate deduction of stock. As seen in the screenshot when a customer buys a bundle of 3 soaps the quantity is reduced by 3 units instead of one this is because a multiplier of 3 is added so each time a customer buys a bundle of 3 the quantity is reduced by 3.

Example #3 – Attribute Based Stock

When the stock is added at attribute level then it will be deducted accordingly for example as seen in the screenshot stock for the product customizable cup is grouped between the attributes style and size. The quantity displayed is for the grouped attribute and upon ordering a cup the stock is reduced from the relevant attribute group.

Manage Variable Products Globally

WooCommerce shared attribute stock management allows merchants to add stock management rules globally. Adding shared inventory for variation groups is easy just create a new rule, select variation combinations, add a multiplier, and select multiple products, categories or tags and that’s it the new rule enforces all the stock management changes on all products and categories at once.

Manage Shared Variation Stock on the Product Level

WooCommerce shared attribute stock management plugin enables store admins to manage stock at the product level. For a specific product, merchants can create variation groups from product data settings, enable shared variation settings and add groups by adding:

  • Group name
  • Variations to include
  • Group quantity

Add Stock Multiplier to Shared Inventory Groups

When creating global stock management rules using WooCommerce shared attribute product stock management plugin, stock multipliers are used for real-time reduction of stock upon purchasing. For example, if you have created a group of variations red and large and set the multiplier to 2 then every time a customer purchases the same combination, 2 units of quantity are reduced as a result.

View and Analyze Detailed Stock Reports

WooCommerce attribute stock management plugin enables merchants to keep track of stock in real-time with its detailed stock reports. The plugin 3 types of stock reports which are:

  • Low in Stock
  • Most Stock
  • Out of Stock

Merchants can directly edit attributes and update stocks from these reports.

Export Stock Reports in CSV Format

Apart from viewing and analyzing stock reports merchants can also export these reports in CSV format using the export option on the plugin’s settings page. The exported CSV reports contain data for all low-stock, most-stock, and out-of-stock variations.

Import Shared Attribute Stock Data in CSV Format

Apart from adding shared attribute stock using global and product rules, merchants can also import shared variation data in csv format. The plugin also provides a sample csv file for reference. In order to import data in csv format, merchants just have to select the import option and upload the csv file.

Add Stock Thresholds and Show Custom Error Messages

WooCommerce shared attribute stock allows merchants to add thresholds to stock i.e low stock threshold and display messages when the threshold is triggered. These messages are editable from WooCommerce settings panel and the admin can also add variables for:

  • Product name {product_name}
  • Product remaining quantity {remaining_qty}
  • Attribute name {attribute_name}

More Features

  • Manage shared attribute stock at the product level
  • Create unlimited attribute shared stock rules
  • Add low stock threshold quantity
  • Reduce stock for multiple matching attribute groups at once
  • Create multiple shared attribute combinations 
  • Display custom error messages on attribute selection on:
    • Add to Cart 
    • Update in Cart 
  • Apply shared attribute stock rules on specific products & categories 
  • Import shared attribute stock in CSV
  • Export stock reports in CSV 
  • Limit order quantity to one per order 
  • Apply stock changes from reports directly
  • Display custom error messages on attribute selection on:
    • Add to Cart 
    • Update in Cart

Technical Compatibility

  • Multi-Site SupportNo
  • Languages English
  • WPML CompatibilityWPML Supported
  • CountriesWorldwide
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