WooCommerce Private Store & Website

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Allows you to limit access to your entire website/store or specific sections to showcase exclusivity, offer limited deals, and create a sense of urgency. With the Private Store & Website plugin, you can allow only registered customers to shop on your store and choose to privatize desired products, categories, and both WooCommerce and WordPress posts and pages. Furthermore, set up custom registration forms and email notifications to maximize sales and improve user experience. 

Key Features

  • Privatize the whole site/store or specific sections 
  • Choose to privatize only desired products, posts, or pages
  • Allow only registered users to access your site 
  • Use the default or custom registration/login page 
  • Choose to approve new registration requests manually

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Features of WooCommerce Private Store and Website

Privatize the Whole Store or Desired Sections

You can either make your whole site/store private or choose to restrict just a few sections. If you wish to privatize desired sections only, you can choose from the following options: 

  • Privatize products and categories 
  • Choose WordPress/WooCommerce post and post category 
  • Select post type and pages to make private 

Additionally, once a user registers successfully, you can redirect them to pages of your choice. The page can be either the My Account page or the previous page, or you can add a custom URL for redirection. To allow limited users to access your site, you can enter allowed IP addresses separated by a comma.

Allow Access to Your Private Store Through Registrations

Display a registration form to users as they visit your website to allow only desired customers to access it. Choose the page where you wish to display the form, which can be either the WooCommerce Default page or you can add a custom page URL. You can also choose to display the form on the Addify designated pages and customize the following elements: 

  • Add login & sign up title 
  • Choose registration form background as Color, Image, or Video
  • Adjust form background opacity 
  • Upload logo to display on registration/login page

Prevent Google from Crawling Your Site

If you dont want your store to appear in search results on Google, you can choose to disable Google search bots from crawling your store. By choosing this setting, you can keep your site private, and users won’t be able to reach out to you through Google search results.

Approve New Customers Manually

As customers submit access requests on your site, you can either automatically or manually accept them. This allows you to monitor each request and ensure that only desired customers make it to your private store. 

You can enable email notifications for the admin to stay updated about each customer registration. For each pending request, the admin will receive a custom email and, therefore, take timely action. 

Additionally, you can set up custom email notifications for customers. For pending, approved, or disapproved requests, you can update customers so they know the status of their registrations.

Display Message Notifications Upon Account Creation

Apart from email notifications, you can display messages to users about their account status. Once a user registers and his/her account is created successfully, you can show a message on their screens. You can also show messages when a user account is not yet approved or is disapproved. This ensures that each user is aware of his account status and is able to make decisions accordingly.

Technical Compatibility

  • Version1.1.0View changelog
  • WordPress Version Required4.0.0 or Higher
  • WooCommerce Version Required3.5.0 or higher
  • Multi-Site SupportYes
  • LanguagesWPML Supported
  • TranslatableYes, Translation Ready
  • CountriesWorldwide

Complete Features List

  • Privatize complete store or defined sections
  • Disable Google searchbot from crawling your store
  • Selected desired items to privatize: 
    • Products & categories
    • WordPress post & post category 
    • Post type & pages 
  • Setup custom registration form and add:
    • Login & Signup title
    • Choose background of the form page
    • Select background opacity
    • Enable registration for private users
    • Upload logo 
  • Choose redirection page after login
    • My Account
    • Back to same page
    • Custom URL
  • Add allowed IPs separated by comma
  • Allow manual registration approval 
  • Customize admin & customer email notifications:
    • Add email subject
    • Add heading & text
  • Enable custom emails & messages for users when account is:
    • Pending approval
    • Approved or disapproved

Use Cases of WordPress Private Website Plugin

Preparing for a Product/Service Launch

Usually several stakeholders are required to be in the loop when dealing with new ideas or product launches. The WordPress Private Website Plugin can accommodate a much-needed live environment for concerned parties to engage in and keep it separate from guest visitors. Your admins are equipped with control. They decide and enable which stakeholders are allowed to view the private pages.

Creating an Exclusive Community

When providing member-only services, this plugin will permit special people or groups of people to view any important information you feel necessary to communicate without passing on information to other visitors.

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    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    The features Addify is offering in woocommerce private store & website comprises of at least 3 individual plugins, that's impressive.
  2. blank

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    What's impressive about woocommerce private store & website is the ability to manually register the user, job well done by Addify
  3. blank

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    Woocommerce private store & website gave me the freedom to either use the default form or build an entirely new form.
  4. blank

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    Love the added functionality in woocommerce private store & website like disabling the crwaler for hidden pages.
  5. blank

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    WooCommerce Private Store & Website

    Mendatory login to reveal hidden content is why I installed woocommerce private store & website in my store