Best Security Apps to Protect Your Shopify Store

Best Security Apps to Protect Your Shopify Store

Do you want to secure your website without hassle? You are on the right platform. Here, we will tell you about some security apps through which you can easily secure your store from hackers. These apps help keep unwanted people away and save customers’ sensitive details and payment information. By using strong security extensions, you not only protect your business but also provide customers with the satisfaction of shopping with ease and security. 

In this guide, we will explore five tools that can make your Shopify store work with strong security for customers. These extensions are like having a reliable shelter in the digital area. Build your store with trust, improve customer engagement, and boost revenue using these powerful tools. 

Best Shopify Apps To Secure Store

Here are the best plugins to enhance the protection of your Shopify store:

  • Shopify Private Store
  • Shopify Catalog Visibility
  • Shopify Hide Product
  • Shopify Locksmith
  • Shopify Cozy AntiTheft

Using these Shopify extensions can strengthen your online shop, ensuring it’s a safe and reliable place for customers to shop. Now, let’s take a closer look at each plugin in this guide, one at a time. 

1. Addify- Shopify Private Store

shopify private store

With the Shopify Private Store app, you can easily store your store and create offers for exclusive members only for desired customers. It permits you to control the view of products and content of the store or specific section. Using this extension, conceal access to specific products, collections, & pages while making sure that only the approved customers can view them. 

These options help you improve store performance. Additionally, you can engage more customers by offering incentives, promotional alerts, and discounts with security. The Shopify Private Store app is one of the secure apps that can protect the store’s sensitive information of limited items from unauthorized customers and enhance the overall shopping experience. 


  • Privatize your whole store or specific sections
  • Choose products, collections, or pages to privatize
  • Grant site access based on registration approval
  • Approve new customers automatically or manually
  • Customize email notifications for both customers & admins

2. Addify – Shopify Catalog Visibility

shopify catalog visibility extension

The Shopify Catalog Visibility extension by Addify is a powerful tool through which you can control the visibility of the product in your store. It offers multiple customization options, such as you can hide products from certain customers and groups so that they can see only relevant products, and by entering a strong password, you can restrict access to specific products/categories in the store. Additionally, demonstrate custom error messages or redirect the users to specific pages after the attempt to access restricted products. 

Efficiently enable visibility on the basis of customer tags, the title of the rule, priorities, and statutes. For the improved appearance of your item on the store, the Shopify Catalog Visibility offers you the facilitation to manage the appearance of the product through the listing page. You can customize it by blurring or replacing images, restricting the prices and titles of the products while making sure about customer satisfaction and improving the overall shopping experience. The Shopify Catalog visibility extension is one of the best shopify apps for security that easily optimizes your store presentation and makes it attractive to customers. 


  • Hide products or integrate password protection.
  • Restrict specific products and categories.
  • Hide product visibility based on customer tags, customer & guest users
  • Display error message or redirect customers to a specific page by URL
  • Substitute the listing appearance with a custom image or blur the product image

3. Shopify Hide Products

hide product using shopify extensions

The Shopify Hide Products extension allows you to conceal specific products and categories from unauthorized customers. It ensures that you can efficiently display the exclusive items to targeted customers. To add extra security to your store for the satisfaction of customers, you can easily use a passcode or a secret link, which will provide customers with access to hidden products. Control who can view certain products in your store by selecting conditions like companies, location & user roles. 

In addition, generate a custom notification that will help you instruct customers to access concealed products while reducing frustration. These customizations boost your store and create customer satisfaction. Providing clarity about the products in-store and ensuring the security of certain products in specific conditions helps you increase customer engagement and is one of the secure Shopify apps you need for your store. 


  • Conceal all or specific products & collections
  • Generate & optimize multiple rules based on specific conditions
  • Permit products based on authorized customers, countries & companies
  • Unlocked products by enabling secret key/passcode
  • Show custom messages when a user tries to access locked products

4. Shopify Locksmith

best security app for any store - shopify locksmith

Locksmith is another best security app for any store. It helps you control access to products and pages with few customization options. You can efficiently create locks for any product content and restrict access or hide it from customers whom you don’t want to view. The Shopify Locksmith extension allows you to integrate keys into the locks created with several conditions. 

Set access conditions on who is permitted to use each lock, such as customer tags, passcodes, email addresses, secret links, location, purchase history, and more. These custom conditions provide security for sensitive content and ensure the right customers view it. Additionally, you can easily optimize inventory, deals, and promotions, which helps boost store revenue, reduce customer frustration, and give satisfaction. 


  • Create multiple locks and set keys
  • Restrict products, collections, prices, variant options & pages.
  • Unlock areas based on customer tags & location, passcodes, etc.
  • Use Liquid or our API for custom functionality.
  • Provide 24 access keys, or you can create your own

5. Shopify Cozy AntiTheft

Shopify Cozy AntiTheft

It takes time to create original content every time for your store so that customers can view changes when visiting. Multiple browsers are making it easy to download your store content and use them to improve sales. If the content is found duplicated on Google, it will not rank as Google ranks the original self-created content. So, this is why the Shopify Cozy AntiTheft app was created. 

It lets you protect your store from content being stolen by turning off a few options. The extension makes it tough to steal the original content from the store. Easily protect your store by creating a user-friendly shopping experience and enhanced customer engagement. 


  • Prevent download by right-clicking keyboard shortcuts
  • Block drag and drop option
  • Limit page printing from the browser
  • Uncheck the console and developer tools in the browser window
  • Enable protection with few toggles on the store

Final Wording

To summarize, it is always important to protect your store and customer information from unwanted people or visitors. Nowadays, there are lots of hackers who use multiple tools to duplicate data, but there are five best security apps to protect your Shopify store easily. With security extensions like Shopify Private Store, Catalog Visibility, Hide Products, Locksmith & Cozy AntiTheft, you can manage the security of the store like a pro. These extensions work not only to provide security but also offer strong protection that prevents the store from multiple viruses, protects customer-sensitive information, etc. 

If you have always wanted to secure your website and create an impactful appearance for customers, try the above extensions. They will create a trustworthy environment that will satisfy both you and the customer.


David Walker

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