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Top 10 Shopify Apps to Hide Prices and Products

A smart way to make your products look more special is to conceal prices and allow requests for quotations. This, in turn, helps raise customer curiosity and helps you make the most of your exclusive products. 

If you want to know how to hide prices on Shopify, there is a sea of options out there, making the process extremely easy. To help you out, we are here with 10 popular Shopify hide product and price apps that come with multiple customizable options. 

Best Shopify Hide Price Apps 

Below are 10 super useful apps to help you hide prices & products on your Shopify store:

  1. Customer-Specific Products by Addify
  2. Country Restrictions by Addify
  3. Request a Quote by Globo
  4. Call For Price & Hide Price by SetuBridge
  5. Request a Quote & Hide Prices by Capacity Web Solutions
  6. Mega Better Price by Architechpro OU
  7. B2B Login To See Prices by Singleton Software
  8. Hide Price & Add-to-Cart by Extendons
  9. Request a Quote & Hide Price by Omega 
  10. Request a Quote & Hide Prices by Gravity Software

Now, let’s explore each Shopify app and its benefits one by one. 

1. Catalog Visibility by Addify 

Catalog Visibility by Addify

With the Catalog Visibility app by Addify, store owners can tailor their product visibility based on individual customers. 

To hide prices, you can either hide products on your Shopify store or add password protection. You can also hide entire product pages and even display custom error messages on them. If customers try to gain access using a direct link, you can redirect them to another page. 

Another great feature of the app is that it allows you to set password protection instead of hiding products. You can choose to add password protection to let users access products by entering a password. 


  • Choose to hide entire product pages for specific customers 
  • Add password protection for exclusive access
  • Hide selected products and categories
  • Replace the listing appearance with a custom/blurred image. 
  • Replace product price and title with custom text 

2. Country Restrictions by Addify

Country Restrictions by Addify

The Shopify Country Restrictions app allows store owners to hide prices and specific products that are not available in certain countries. That ensures that customers do not order products in areas where they can not be delivered or are unavailable due to various reasons. You can choose to either hide the entire product or just the price and/or the add-to-cart button. 

Another feature of the app is the rule-based management to create different restriction rules for different products, categories, and countries for better price management. 


  • Hide prices for different regions 
  • Create multiple rules to manage catalog visibility 
  • Add different restrictions for various products/categories & countries
  • Manage the appearance of the listing page
  • Replace price and add-to-cart with custom text or buttons 

3. Request a Quote by Globo

The Request a Quote by Globo allows you to hide product prices and the add-to-cart button, creating a sense of exclusivity.  It lets your customers submit quotes for any product with just one click. On top of that, the user-friendly interface enhances the customer’s ability to suggest prices and add remarks to each item in their quotes. 


  • Effortlessly convert a quote into an order
  • Display the request-for-quote button on any page
  • Receive automated email notifications for new quotes
  • Customize request-for-quote form 
  • Control price visibility by requiring login to see prices
  • Hide product prices based on tags, vendors, collections, and more

4. Call For Price & Hide Price by SetuBridge

The SetuBridge Call For Price & Hide Price app not only hides prices but also transforms customer interactions into meaningful dialogues. 

With the Call For Price app, you can strategically hide product prices, encouraging customers to engage in a dialogue with you for the best possible deal. Customers can request prices via WhatsApp, phone calls, or a straightforward Price Request Form.


  • Enable customers to request prices via a form, WhatsApp, etc
  • Display “Call For Price” option for specific products or collections
  • Receive and manage customer inquiries 
  • Customize form fields, styles & email templates 
  • Enjoy seamless integration with popular platforms like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc. 

5. Request a Quote & Hide Prices by Capacity Web Solutions

The Request a Quote & Hide Prices app enables your customers to request prices for products or deals. Customers can request a quote for multiple items or contact you via WhatsApp. You can hide prices or add-to-cart buttons for products as needed. 

Upon receiving requests, you can swiftly approve, cancel, or negotiate quotes, converting them into orders with discounted prices. 

Additional features include hiding add-to-cart buttons, converting quotes to draft orders, and creating unlimited custom form fields for enhanced flexibility in quote requests. Efficiently manage pricing inquiries and orders while catering to diverse customer needs and markets.


  • Hide add-to-cart button
  • Hide prices on quote-enabled products
  • Convert quote to draft order with discounted prices
  • Create an unlimited number of Custom Form Fields
  • Benefit from multi-language & multi-currency support

6. Mega Better Price by Architechpro OU

The Mega Better Price by Architechpro OU enhances customer engagement by adding a discrete link near product prices, allowing your customers to request better prices. Customers can easily submit requests via a pop-up form, triggering email notifications for you. If customers find lower prices elsewhere, they can request discounts, fostering positive interactions. 

The app enables you to review price offers from customers and offers an elegant default design with customization options. You can choose to display the request pop-up with either a link or a button, enhancing user experience and facilitating price negotiation seamlessly.


  • Allow customers to offer their prices 
  • See details of price offers from all customers
  • Create and send discount codes 
  • Integrate with smartphones

7. B2B Login To See Prices by Singleton Software

Singleton is ideal for creating a B2B space, hiding prices and add-to-cart buttons for non-logged-in customers. It helps you display prices and buttons exclusively to registered users. Only after logging in can users access prices and add-to-cart functions. 

The app allows you to show custom messages to non-logged-in users and hide prices and buttons selectively for certain products. With theme-specific activation, the app seamlessly integrates into desired website designs. Enhance B2B interactions by granting exclusive access to pricing information and options for registered customers.


  • Hide product prices and add-to-cart buttons for not logged-in customers
  • Conceal prices and add-to-cart button for selected products
  • Show messages instead of prices and add-to-cart buttons
  • Customize messages for not logged-in customers
  • Activate app functionality in selected themes

8. Hide Price & Add-to-Cart by Extendons

The Hide Price & Add to Cart by Extendons conceals prices and add-to-cart options for products and collections, fostering engagement with B2B customers. Upon login, customers gain access to prices, encouraging inquiries and quote requests. 

The app seamlessly integrates quote forms into product pages, simplifying the quote request process. You can set rules to hide prices on product and collection pages, enhancing control over pricing visibility. 

Additionally, the app facilitates in answering customer inquiries, ensuring efficient communication. Streamline B2B interactions by prompting quote requests and enabling price visibility upon login, enhancing customer engagement and encouraging business inquiries.


  • Hide prices & add-to-cart on products & collections
  • Allow customers to view prices after they log in
  • Add a get-a-quote form to products

9. Request a Quote & Hide Price by Omega 

The Request a Quote app caters to B2B sellers and wholesale sites, enabling you to hide prices and manage quote requests. Customers can easily request quotes or call for prices via customizable buttons and forms. 

The app allows you to hide prices and add-to-cart buttons while letting you offer custom prices upon request. You can receive notifications and track all requests, ensuring every quote is received. 

Advanced features include a streamlined “Quote to Order” process and analytics for scalable B2B operations. Enhance B2B interactions by facilitating quote requests, custom pricing, and efficient management of sales inquiries, empowering businesses to close deals effectively.


  • Allow customer to request a quote/call for price 
  • Customize request price button & form 
  • Hide prices and offer quotation/custom price upon request
  • Get notified & keep track of every request
  • Utilize advanced analytics for B2B & Quote-to-Order process

10. Request a Quote & Hide Prices by Gravity Software

With the Request a Quote app by Gravity Software, you can hide product prices and the add-to-cart button and replace it with the get-a-quote button. Through the multi-quote button, you can collect quotes and create contact forms with the form builder. 

Customers can send quote requests through the contact form, and you can view complete quote details immediately via email.


  • Hide price and add-to-cart button
  • Add the get-a-quote button to product pages
  • Add a multi-quote button to collect quotes 
  • Create contact forms with the form builder 


So this was our list of 10 Shopify apps to help you hide prices and encourage customers to request quotes or discounts. 

From the above list, you will find multiple options that fit perfectly with your brand and unique goals. 

With the right app, you can greatly enhance the customer experience and showcase your products as unique. Hiding prices also serves as a way to communicate with your customers directly, helping you better understand your audience. 

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