Stay Ahead of the Curve: The Latest and Greatest PrestaShop Modules for 2024

PrestaShop is a leading ecommerce platform with thousands of live stores, benefiting from its unlimited range of functionalities. 

Over 4k PrestaShop modules are serving small stores to big businesses, and that brings us to our top picks of the best modules. 

Explore the best PrestaShop modules 2024, each designed to enhance your e-commerce venture. From precise pricing strategies to seamless registration processes and improved SEO, these modules offer practical solutions to site owners. 

Check out the list below and explore prices and detailed features for better comparison.

Top PrestaShop Modules for 2024

Below are some of the best PrestaShop modules to try out in 2024. We have added prices and detailed features for each module as follows:

  1. PrestaShop Price by Country, Currency & Language
  2. PrestaShop Choose Customer Group at Registration
  3. PrestaShop Hide Price and Add to Cart
  4. PrestaShop B2B Custom Registration Forms
  5. PrestaShop Advanced URL

Now, we will explore each module one by one:

1 – PrestaShop Price by Country, Currency & Language

Price: $69


  • Set prices based on currencies, countries, and languages
  • Display price countdown timer on product listing pages
  • Select from four distinct price adjustment modes
  • Specify products and categories for price adjustments

The PrestaShop Price by Country, Currency, and Language module is a robust solution for e-commerce site owners seeking precise control over pricing strategies. This versatile module enables the customization of product prices based on customers’ geographical location, currency, and language preferences. 

With multiple adjustment modes and a special price countdown feature, businesses can efficiently manage pricing tactics, enhance sales, and provide a personalized shopping experience.

Addressing key challenges, the module allows for differentiated pricing across countries, accommodating expenses, taxes, and variable exchange rates. 

Complementing country and currency features, the module extends functionality to language-based price adjustments, providing a personalized experience for multilingual customers in the same region. 

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2 – PrestaShop Choose Customer Group at Registration

Price: $69


  • Show a customized customer drop-down list on registration forms 
  • Insert all or limited customer groups into the dropdown
  • Enable auto or manual approval for certain customer groups
  • Set up email notifications for admin and customers

The PrestaShop Choose Customer Group at Registration module improves the registration process by allowing customers to select their relevant customer group seamlessly. This enhancement simplifies the user interface with a dropdown menu, presenting a clear list of predefined customer groups for easy selection.

This module stands out for its practical benefits. It alleviates the manual burden of assigning customer groups by streamlining the process through an intuitive dropdown interface. Site owners can choose between manual and automatic approval for new customer group requests, offering flexibility in managing different approval processes. 

The option to block customer logins temporarily or allow access with the default group until approval is given further adds control.

Furthermore, the module ensures effective communication by sending customizable email notifications to both store admin and customers, keeping them informed about the status of customer group requests. 

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3 – PrestaShop Hide Price and Add to Cart

Price: $84


  • Conceal Price and Add to Cart button
  • Choose to apply to selected products/categories/customer groups
  • Substitute prices with an image, textbox, or any link

The PrestaShop Hide Price & Add to Cart Pro module provides essential functionality by allowing site owners to conceal prices and the Add to Cart button selectively for designated customer groups, products, and categories. 

This flexibility allows for the strategic placement of images, text boxes, or relevant links in lieu of displaying prices.

The module’s greatness lies in its ability to coordinate private sales effectively and stimulate specific users with personalized responses.

Addressing common challenges, this module enables the creation and application of multiple rules to hide the add-to-cart button or prices for selected products and categories. This arrangement can be maintained for both visitors and registered customers, providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

For scenarios involving different prices for various customer groups, the module efficiently conceals these distinct prices until customers are logged in, reducing confusion. Additionally, site owners can customize responses to hidden prices or buttons, suggesting alternative actions such as requesting a personal quote or filling out a form for a callback. 

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4 – PrestaShop B2B Custom Registration Forms

Price: $84


  • Generate multiple custom registration forms and form fields 
  • Disable default signup fields & add custom fields 
  • Customize titles of the forms & fields
  • Associate fields to a specific registration form

The PrestaShop B2B Custom Registration Forms Builder Module streamlines B2B structures by allowing site owners to create tailored registration forms. These forms allow automatic and manual validation, catering to specific customer groups like Wholesale or Retailer. 

This module excels in flexibility, enabling the addition of unlimited fields with 15 diverse types, addressing the complexities of B2B workflows. 

Owners can disable default signup fields and include custom fields aligned with their business model. The module offers varied field types, from text to checkboxes, ensuring comprehensive information gathering. 

Customization extends to field labels, granting the freedom to create precise B2B Registration Forms. Notably, the backend displays a separate grid for each customer group, simplifying the review and approval process with a single click. 

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5 – PrestaShop Advanced URL

Price: $69


  • Create SEO-friendly and human-readable links
  • Auto-remove IDs from URLs
  • Allow 301-redirect from old to new URLs 
  • Show a duplicate URL report

The PrestaShop Pretty URL module is a valuable tool for optimizing online store SEO. It streamlines the creation of attractive, SEO-friendly URLs by removing cumbersome IDs and numbers from product, category, and other page URLs. 

The standout feature is the automatic implementation of 301 redirects from old to new URLs, preserving existing search rankings. 

This module resolves the issue of lengthy default URLs by allowing the creation of customized, human-readable URLs, fulfilling SEO objectives and enhancing readability. It efficiently removes unnecessary product IDs and tags, improving URL simplicity. 

Additionally, it auto-generates SEO-friendly URLs with relevant keywords. The module provides a duplicate URLs report for administrators to edit and customize URLs. 

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So, that was a detailed account of some of the best PrestaShop modules to consider in 2024. We mentioned modules for region and country-specific pricing, to add a customer group dropdown at Registration, and to Hide Price and Add to Cart buttons. 

We also explored modules that allow you to create custom registration forms and make URLs more readable and manageable. 

With all these functionalities, you can greatly enhance your e-store performance and attract new customers in the new year. 

For more content like this, explore our blog for insights on the best website tools and top ecommerce and SEO strategies.

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