Taxable and Non-Taxable Configurable Products Setup in Magento 2

After you know about tax and Magento 2, you might also want to look into how tax would apply to configurable products. That is where we come in. We are going to give you a quick summary of everything you need to know. Now, if you haven’t had a chance to read Your Guide to Taxes and Magento 2, we strongly suggest you to so that you know everything you should about taxes.

Back to our topic, configurable products are any products that can be selected from variations of the same product. For example, a particular shirt in multiple colors is a configurable product. There will be instances where this shirt may be taxable in one color and not taxable in another color. The pointers that follow will help you in such situations.

Tax applied to configurable products, once added to the cart, will depend on the simple product related to it. Let’s take the help of an example to better illustrate the concept. We’ll just take the shirt with many color variations and suppose two different colors are available. One color will be taxable with a Taxable Goods Product Tax Class and the second color will not be taxable with None selected as its Product Tax Class. If your customer adds these two products simultaneously for purchase.

You must be wondering, when would I ever need this? But if you remember, in Your Guide to Taxes and Magento 2 we have discussed the difference of tax modules in various parts of the world affects your tax settings. We also covered VAT thresholds of Europe. A real life scenario where this feature will benefit you could be if you were selling clothes in the UK and the VAT varies across age groups. Meaning it could be zero for one age group and the full VAT for another. The tax is directly influenced by the overall quantity of your simple product. You would need separate Product Tax Classes for each color in order for your tax setup and configurable products to function properly.

So this marks the end of this tutorial. It was simple, right? Stay tuned for more helpful tutorials.

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