Tax Exemption: Why It Matters for Conversions & Revenue – Infographic

Tax exemption is like a special gift for customers—it’s a way for businesses to say, “You don’t have to pay this part.” Imagine getting a present where you don’t have to give anything back! Offering tax exemption to customers means they don’t have to pay some of the taxes when they buy things. It’s a big win for them because they save money, and for businesses, it’s like making their customers extra happy. This special treat helps both customers and businesses by making things a bit cheaper and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

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What is Tax Exemption

Tax exemption is a legal benefit that allows certain individuals or businesses to avoid paying specific taxes, encouraging economic growth.

Benefits of Tax Exemption

These benefits highlight the positive impact of tax exemption on businesses and their customers:

Boosts purchasing power

Tax exemption allows customers to save money, increasing their ability to make more purchases.

Attracts more customers

Offering tax-exempt options can draw in a broader customer base seeking savings.

Increases customer loyalty

Providing tax exemptions can foster trust and loyalty among customers who appreciate cost-saving benefits.

Reduces the cost of goods 

Tax exemption can lower the overall cost of goods, making them more affordable for buyers.

Encourages larger orders 

Customers may be inclined to buy more or in larger quantities when they know they can save on taxes.

Stats on Taxation Effects on Purchases (B2B and B2C)

  1. 72% of consumers consider tax when making a purchase.
  2. 65% of B2B buyers prioritize tax efficiency.
  3. States without sales tax see 5.1% higher eCommerce growth.
  4. 47% of shoppers abandon carts due to unexpected taxes.
  5. 85% of B2B buyers delay purchases for tax savings.
  6. States with high sales tax rates face lower retail sales.
  7. 60% of shoppers choose tax-free shopping.
  8. Tax exemptions can lead to 15% more B2B sales.
  9. 77% of shoppers prefer brands offering tax relief.
  10. Taxes affect 74% of B2C purchase decisions.
  11. 42% of B2B buyers seek vendors with tax-exempt status.
  12. 63% of shoppers seek out tax-free weekends.
  13. 90% of B2B buyers say tax exemptions impact budgets.
  14. 55% of consumers expect tax-inclusive pricing.
  15. 81% of B2B buyers use tax as a negotiation point.

Why Offer Tax Exemption to Customers

These reasons underline the advantages of providing tax exemptions, both for businesses and their customers.

Attracts More Customers

Providing tax exemption options can draw a larger customer base seeking cost savings.

Competitive Advantage

It sets your business apart from competitors by offering financial benefits to customers.

Builds Trust and Credibility

Tax exemptions create a sense of trust and credibility as customers see transparent and fair pricing.

Simplifies B2B Transactions

Tax exemptions streamline business-to-business transactions, making them more efficient.

Compliance with Tax Regulations

Offering tax exemptions ensures compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations, reducing potential legal issues.


Tax exemption is a powerful tool to drive conversions, benefiting both businesses and customers.

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