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Easy Guide to Master Cash on Delivery Fees in Your WooCommerce Store

Discover how to navigate the world of cash on delivery (COD) fees effortlessly in your WooCommerce store. Learn the ins and outs of setting up this payment option and ensuring smooth transactions for you and your customers.

Many people love paying cash on delivery (COD) when they shop online. But if you’re running a store, you might worry about problems like missed deliveries. One solution is to add an extra fee for COD orders in WooCommerce.

Customers like the convenience of online shopping combined with knowing exactly what they’re paying for. Offering COD as a payment option in WooCommerce is a great way to make them happy.

WooCommerce, by default, lets you charge COD fees, but it can be tricky. This guide covers everything you need to know to set it up easily.

Usefulness of WooCommerce Advanced Cash On Delivery with Fee

There are lots of reasons why adding an extra charge for cash on delivery (COD) in your WooCommerce store is a smart move. Here are three big ones:

  • It takes more effort to serve customers in person when they order online.
  • Sometimes, customers aren’t available when you deliver, which means you have to spend extra time restocking items and canceling orders.
  • If your products can easily spoil, like food, undelivered orders can lead to wastage.

In an ideal world, you’d always get paid upfront online, but that’s not always possible. Adding a COD fee can help cover these extra costs and make sure your business runs smoothly.

Setting the Limit to Extra Fee Charged

Figuring out the right amount to charge for extra fees depends on your store and what you sell. Only you can really know what works best for your business.

But here are a few things to think about:

  • Don’t set the extra charge too high because it might scare away some customers.
  • You can apply the extra fee as either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total order cost.
  • If your website has a feature where certain users get special prices, like members, you might want to waive the fee for them.
  • Consider lowering or getting rid of the cash on delivery fee for bigger orders. 

Remember, finding the right balance ensures your customers are happy and your business stays profitable.

How to Add WooCommerce Advanced Cash on Delivery with Fee

Providing flexible payment options is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. One such payment method is Cash on Delivery (COD), which allows customers to pay for their purchases upon delivery. 

You can easily include a cash-on-delivery fee in your online store by using the WooCommerce Advanced Cash on Delivery with Fee plugin for enhanced control over COD settings. 

Here’s how to get started with advanced cash on delivery with fee plugin :

Step 1: Installation & Activation

1. Installation :

  • Get the .zip file for the Advanced Cash on Delivery with Fee plugin from your WooCommerce account.
  • In your WordPress Admin, navigate to Plugins and select Add New.
  • Click on Upload Plugin and choose the plugin file you downloaded.
  • Click Install Now, then Activate.

2. Activation:

Once the plugin is activated, find the “Advanced COD” feature within WooCommerce.

Configure your settings to set up restrictions or create new rules for cash on delivery.

Following these steps will help you seamlessly integrate cash on delivery fees into your WooCommerce store.

Step 2: Managing Advanced Cash on Delivery Settings

Enabling/Disabling Advanced Cash on Delivery


1. Accessing General Settings: 

To begin managing Advanced Cash on Delivery settings, navigate to WooCommerce > Advanced COD > General.

Enable/Disable Option: Within the General Settings section, you’ll find the option to enable or disable the Advanced Cash on the Delivery module. This feature grants you the flexibility to tailor the payment methods offered to your customers.

2. Accessing Extra Fee Settings:

To configure additional fees for Cash on Delivery orders, head to WooCommerce > Advanced COD > Extra Fee > General Fees.

Enabling Extra Fee: Toggle the Enable Extra Fee option to implement additional charges for Cash on Delivery transactions. This capability enables you to adjust pricing strategies to align with your business objectives.

Fee Application Rules: Upon enabling extra fees, you can define specific rules governing their application to COD orders. These rules allow you to customize fee structures based on various parameters, such as order value or location.

3. Fee Menu Accessibility:

Enable Fee Menu: The Advanced Cash on Delivery module offers the option to enable a dedicated fee menu in the WordPress navigation bar.

Step 3: Adding Multiple Rules for COD with Fee

Create and Apply Extra Fee Rules

WooCommerce’s Advanced COD module offers the capability to define rule-based fees, allowing you to tailor extra charges based on specific criteria. Let’s explore how you can set up rule-based fees efficiently.

To define rule-based fees for COD orders, navigate to WooCommerce > Advanced COD > Extra Fee > Rule-Based Fees.

1. Creating a New Fee:

Click on “Add New Fee” to initiate the creation of a new fee structure.

2. Fee Configuration:

Title: Enter a descriptive title for the new fee, such as “Advance Cash on Delivery Fee.”

Fee Amount and Type: Specify the amount of the fee in numerical values and choose the type of fee:

  • Fixed: A set amount for the fee.
  • Percentage: A percentage of the cart subtotal.

Tax on Fee: Toggle the “Enable Tax on Fee” option to include tax calculations for the extra fee if necessary.

3. Apply Fee Restriction Based on Users and Roles:

  • Customers and User Roles: Determine which customers and user roles should be subject to the fee:
    • Enable Fee for Customers: Select specific customers to whom the fee will apply.
    • Enable Fee for User Roles: Choose from various user roles, including Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, Shop Manager, Wholesale, B2B, Retailer, and Guest.

4. Apply Fee Restriction Based on Cart Amount and Products:

  • Cart Amount Range: Define the range of cart amounts to trigger the extra fee:
    • Cart Amount Lower Limit: Set the minimum cart subtotal.
    • Cart Amount Upper Limit: Specify the maximum cart subtotal.
  • Products and Categories: Enable the fee based on specific products or categories within the cart:
  • Choose Products: Select individual products that should activate the fee.
  • Choose Categories: Specify product categories that should trigger the fee.

5. Apply Fee Restriction Based on Shipping Classes:

  • Shipping Classes: Select specific shipping classes for which the fee will apply:
    • Choose to enable the fee for specific shipping classes or apply it to all classes.

6. Apply Fee Restriction Based on Countries, States, Zip-Codes, and Cities:

  • Shipping Zones and Locations: Customize the fee application based on geographical parameters:
    • Enable Fee for Shipping Zones: Apply the fee to specific shipping zones or all zones.
    • Select Countries, States, Zip Codes, Cities: Choose applicable countries, states, zip codes, and cities for the fee. You can specify multiple locations separated by commas or define ranges using hyphens.

Step 4: Other Features of the Plugin

The WooCommerce Advanced Cash on Delivery with Fee plugin offers additional features to enhance the management of Cash on Delivery (COD) transactions. Let’s explore these functionalities in detail:

Global Restrictions


1. Customer and Role-Based Restrictions:

You can apply global restrictions on COD fees based on customer profiles and roles. This feature allows you to customize fee structures for different customer segments, ensuring fair and tailored pricing.

2. Shopping Cart Contents Restrictions:

Cart Based Restrictions for Cash on Delivery

The plugin enables you to impose restrictions on COD fees based on the contents of the shopping cart. By analyzing cart contents, you can apply fees selectively, optimizing the payment experience for your customers.

3. Shipping Classes Restrictions:

Tailoring COD fees based on shipping classes is made possible with this plugin. You have the flexibility to define fee structures specific to different shipping classes, aligning pricing strategies with shipping preferences.

4. Location-Based Restrictions:

Set Location Based COD Restrictions

Geographical parameters such as locations can also influence COD fee application. With this plugin, you can set restrictions based on locations, ensuring accurate fee calculations and compliance with regional regulations.

5. Custom Error Messages

In addition to applying restrictions, the plugin allows you to set custom error messages for COD restrictions. This feature enhances user experience by providing clear communication regarding COD availability and associated fees.

6. COD Unavailable Messages:

You can enable/disable COD unavailable messages and customize them to provide clear instructions to users when COD is not available.

7. Custom Messages for Restricted Users:

Admins have the option to display custom error messages for all types of restricted users. Whether it’s based on user roles, cart amount, products, shipping classes, or geographical locations, tailored messages ensure users understand the reason for COD restrictions.

8. Separate Messages for Each Restricted Category:

Furthermore, the plugin offers the flexibility to add separate messages for each restricted category. Whether a user is restricted based on their role, cart contents, or location, you can provide specific guidance to address their unique situation.

By leveraging these advanced features of the WooCommerce Advanced Cash on Delivery with Fee plugin, you can effectively manage COD transactions, optimize fee structures, and enhance user satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Implementing a WooCommerce COD fee is the simplest way to reduce the risks associated with cash-on-delivery payments. For contemporary store owners, these fees provide a way to balance flexibility and financial safety. Essentially, they allow you to demonstrate your business’s dedication to exceptional customer service while still ensuring profitability.


Q1. Can I customize the extra fees for Cash on Delivery orders with WooCommerce’s Advanced COD module?

Ans. Yes, you can define specific rules for applying extra fees based on various criteria, such as cart amount, products, shipping classes, and locations.

Q2. How do I enable or disable the Advanced Cash on Delivery module in WooCommerce?

Ans. You can easily toggle the Enable/Disable option within the General Settings section of WooCommerce > Advanced COD > General to activate or deactivate the module.

Q3. What are the benefits of using rule-based fees for Cash on Delivery transactions?

Ans. Rule-based fees offer flexibility in pricing strategies, allowing store owners to tailor extra charges based on customer profiles, cart contents, shipping preferences, and geographical locations.

Q4. Is it possible to set custom error messages for COD restrictions with the WooCommerce Advanced COD with Fee plugin?

Q5. How does implementing a WooCommerce COD fee contribute to business success?

Ans. By introducing a COD fee, store owners can mitigate the risks associated with cash-on-delivery payments while demonstrating a commitment to exceptional customer service and maintaining profitability.

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