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5 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Plugins 

Are you running an online store and want to expand into the wholesale market, but you need to learn how? You are on the right platform. End your search here. In this article, we will provide you with information about some WooCommerce wholesale plugins that will help you easily spread your business to the market and increase your sales and performance. 

The Woocommerce wholesale plugins are designed to simplify the process of selling and offering deals to multiple wholesale buyers. Using the plugins explained below, you can easily manage the calculations instead of working manually on sheets or calculations. The wholesale pricing strategy involves selling products in bulk to other businesses at a discounted rate. The plugins working on your store permit the wholesalers to buy products at a lower price and sell them at a profit in the market. It’s actually a win-win scenario for both the buyers and the retailer. In this case, the owner gets goods at a lower cost, allowing them to offer market prices to their customers, and the wholesaler works on a wide range of inventory. 

5 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins

Here, we present the five essential best WooCommerce Wholesale plugins that will help you stand in the wholesale market:

  • Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce by Addify
  • WooCommerce Role Based Pricing by Addify
  • WooCommerce Hide Prices and Add to Cart by Addify
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts by Addify
  • Request a Quote For WooCommerce by Addify

Now, we will explore each of the above plugins in detail, how to sell products to the wholesale market in WooCommerce. 

1. Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce 

The Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce plugin permits you to manage wholesale and simple products on websites. You can smoothly sell the product to multiple businesses and individual customers as well. 

Using the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin, configure distinct rules to provide deals and discounts to customers and wholesalers by seeing who is buying which products and how much in quantity. You can efficiently display the pricing table that emphasizes people buying stuff in bulk, and it helps you to conceal the prices from the people you do not want to buy from you.


  • Personalized wholesale prices for specific customers & roles
  • Demonstrate a tiered pricing table on the product page
  • Modify prices in 5 distinct adjustment modes
  • Restrict prices & add-to-cart for specific products & categories

2. Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce

The woocommerce role based pricing allows you to set prices efficiently based on customers and user roles. The plugin permits you to offer deals, discounts, or higher price options with five different adjustment modes. 

You can showcase or restrict the price to specific users according to your business preference. These modifications help you to stand in the market with an enhanced shopping experience for customers. The users you choose to conceal the price from will not be able to see others will see the regular prices on your store & website. Additionally, using  role based pricing for woocommerce plugin, you can hide the prices of the product and add-to-cart buttons for specific user roles. 


  • Provides five distinct pricing adjustments
  • Manage prices for all or selected products
  • Use CSV file to import/export pricing data
  • Conceal prices, add-to-cart button set redirections
  • Adjust minimum/maximum quantity limits

3. WooCommerce Hide Prices And Add to Cart

WooCommerce Hide Price and Add to Cart Plugin. It allows you to conceal the price and cart buttons for specific products or categories. You can efficiently select any registered user roles to hide the prices and add-to-cart button. Once you are done restricting these, the WooCommerce hide prices plugin will provide you with the option to integrate a customized error message that will appear on the website. 

Additionally, you have the facility to replace the price with a custom message. Smae, the custom URL link you created will be replaced with an add-to-cart button. These custom features will help you gain customer trust and satisfaction in the market and help you enhance your business. 


  • Hide price & add-to-cart button for registered or unregistered users
  • Select specific user roles to hide the price and cart button
  • Choose specific products & categories to conceal
  • Create custom text and replace it with price 
  • Replace custom URL link with add-to-cart button

4. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin offers multiple deals and discounts based on how much shopping the customer has done and what products they have purchased. Using this plugin, you can easily configure the discount rules at the checkout page. 

The store creates the discount, and it helps you decide whether to apply it based on customers’ spending and the quantity of items they have purchased. You can effectively set discounts on specific customers’ purchases and demonstrate the tiered pricing by table so that they can purchase in bulk, especially for various businesses.


  • Provides conditional discounts, deals & gifts
  • Create & manage various rules for discounts
  • Determine discounts on order total & quantity basis
  • Apply discounts to specific customers & user roles

5. Request a Quote Plugin For WooCommerce

You can efficiently request product quotes before purchasing the WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin. It simplifies the process and supplies you with the necessary information about your order’s status. 

Effortlessly replace the add-to-cart button with a quote button so that customers visiting your website shop at ease; it is your choice to keep the add-to-cart button or quote button visible in your store. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to create and send customized email notifications to the admin and the customers according to your business preference. 


  • Change add to cart with quote button
  • Personalized admin & customer email notification
  • Showcase quote info for admin & customer on the order page
  • Update quote statuses like pending, converted to ider, complete, etc

Final Wordings

In conclusion, these top wholesale plugins for WooCommerce provide simplification in offering discounts to the store. You can efficiently manage the bulk orders & streamline the operations through which you can gain customer satisfaction. These  Woocommerce plugins help to increase your overall store performance and make you stand strong among the market of wholesalers. Features like customized quote requests, redirections, button replacement, pricing, etc., help you work smoothly and create an impactful look for the customer once they visit.

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