About PrestaShop Price by Customer Group & Country

Overview of PrestaShop Price by Customer Group & Country

What does the plugin do

PrestaShop Price by Customer Group Module allows you to modify prices for specific products and categories in bulk. You can apply markups or offer discounts based on various factors such as customer groups, language, currency, and country. The module supports multiple customizable rule settings, giving you flexibility in adjusting prices to suit your business needs.


PrestaShop Price by Customer Group and Country is a convenient module to modify prices by applying certain rules to meet the demand of your store. The features of the module are:

  • Adjust product prices for specific user roles, countries, currencies, languages, and zones
  • Display a special price countdown timer on the product listing page
  • Charge markups or discounts on specific products, categories, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Choose from 4 different price adjustment types 
  • Include a start and end day to activate special prices
  • Show the minimum order quantity required
  • Add multiple customizable pricing rules
  • Display discount offered per product

Customization Options

The module offers some necessary customization option which are listed here:

  • Show custom text before and after the countdown
  • Update product prices based on
    • Percentage Discount
    • Fixed Discount
    • Percentage Increase
    • Fixed Increase