How to Trigger Automated Stock Status Changes Based on Quantity?

Triggering Quantity-Based Stock Status Change

The WooCommerce Custom Stock Status plugin offers a convenient feature to create different stock statuses based on quantity ranges. This allows you to assign specific stock statuses automatically when the product’s stock quantity falls within certain ranges.

  • Install and activate the “WooCommerce Custom Stock Status” plugin by Addify.
  • Navigate to WP Admin Panel > WooCommerce > Custom Stock
  • You’ll find an option to Add New stock status. Enter a name for your custom stock status. 
  • Next, add Sub Rules for Messages
  • Create the desired stock statuses for different quantity ranges, such as “Running Out,” “Limited Stock,” and “Coming Soon.” Set appropriate messages for each status.
  • You’ll find an option to define quantity ranges for each stock status. Specify the minimum and maximum quantities for each range, aligning with the desired stock status. For example, set the range for “Running Out” as 1 to 20 units and for “Limited Stock” as 21 to 100 units.
  • After configuring the custom stock statuses and quantity ranges, click on Publish.

By setting up these different stock status ranges, the WooCommerce Custom Stock Status plugin will automatically apply the appropriate stock status to the selected products based on their stock quantities. This functionality allows you to communicate the availability of products to customers more effectively and create a sense of urgency when necessary.