Setting Up WooCommerce Custom Stock Status

Creating Multiple Stock Statuses

Adding a Custom Stock Status

To create a new stock status, navigate to the Custom Stock Status and click “Add New.” When adding a custom stock status, you can personalize the following options. 

Add Title: Assign a descriptive title to each stock rule, as it will be displayed in the Custom Stock Status section for easy reference in the future

User Roles: Select the user role(s) to assign this custom stock rule:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber
  • Customer
  • Shop manager
  • Wholesale
  • B2B
  • Retailer
  • Guest

Apply On All Products: Checkmark to apply this single rule to all products. If left unchecked, the following options will appear:

  • Select Products: Choose the selective product(s) on which you want to apply the rule. As you begin typing, the predictive text feature will automatically assist you after entering at least three characters
  • Select Product Categories: Choose one or multiple product categories to which the rule should apply

Sub Rules for Messages:

Add Title: Add a unique title for future reference 

Menu Order: Set a priority for message-related sub-rules

Out of Stock: Select this checkbox to create a custom message for out-of-stock products 

Back Orders: Select this checkbox to create a custom message for back-order products

Note: Choosing Out of Stock and/or Back Orders options will remove the Stock Range functionality as it becomes irrelevant to your selection

Stock Range: Set maximum and minimum quantities to trigger the message (Note: Your message will be shown when the product stock lies within the defined range)

Message Type: Choose from the four different types of messages:

  • Text Message: Use this option to create urgency with simple text
    • Type Text (Use {stock_qty} variable to show stock quantity)
  • Text Message with Icon: Attract customers with text and a relevant icon
    • Type Text (Use {stock_qty} variable to show stock quantity)
    • Icon 
  • Image: To display an image only
  • Text Message with Date: Use this option to convey a limited stock or inventory restock:
    • Type Text (Use {stock_qty} variable to show stock quantity)
    • Date Selector

Select Font Color (In Stock): Choose a color to show the custom message for in-stock

Select Font Size (In Stock): Specify font size to show a custom message for in-stock

Rule Priority: Set the priority of the entire rule here

Save and apply your settings by clicking on Publish.

Managing Custom Status Visibility

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Custom Stock Status to manage the general configuration options, which include,

Display Custom Stock Status (Shop Page): Checkmark to display your custom stock status on the shop page

  • Set Location Where to Show Custom Status (Shop Page): Choose from the four options:
    • Before Product Title
    • After Product Title
    • After Product Price
    • After Add to Cart Button

Display Default Stock Status (Shop Page): Checkmark to show default stock status with custom status on the shop page

Display Custom Stock Status (Product Detail Page): Checkmark to display custom stock status on the product detail page

Display Default Stock Status (Product Detail Page): Enable to allow admin to show default stock status with custom status on the product page

Show Multiple Status: Enable this option if you wish to implement multiple rules on both the product detail and the shop page

Click “Save Changes” to apply the functionality.

Styling Custom Messages

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Custom Stock Status > Custom Message Styling.  

Stock Message Color: Select a custom color for the stock messages from the color-spectrum

Stock Message Font: Set a custom stock message font. Select from a range of 9pt – 72pt

Click “Save Changes” to save customizations.

Using Shortcode to Display Stock Statuses

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Custom Stock Status > Shortcode. 

Shortcode: Display custom stock statuses on your product page when the standard function is not available, you can utilize the [addify_custom_stock_status] shortcode. Simply add this shortcode anywhere on your product page to showcase the desired custom stock statuses.

Click “Save Changes” to apply this feature.

Managing Custom Stock Status in a Grid

Navigate to WooCommerce > Custom Stock to get a list of rules you have made in the form of a grid.

The grid displays a list of all rules created. From here, you can add a new rule, perform bulk actions, and filter by dates. Additionally, you can search for a desired rule from the search rules bar.